Enhancing sports performance through the use of music

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Date: Apr. 2010
From: Journal of Exercise Physiology Online(Vol. 13, Issue 2)
Publisher: American Society of Exercise Physiologists
Document Type: Report
Length: 2,523 words
Lexile Measure: 1400L

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Brooks, KA, Brooks, KS. Enhancing Sports Performance Through The Use Of Music JEPonline 2010; 13(2):52-57. This is a review of current studies dealing with the use of music in sport and during exercise as a motivational tool. Anaerobic and aerobic training generally elicit changes specific to the mode of training, and the physiological response to both types of exercised differs greatly. Therefore, the purpose of this review is to examine the effects of the use of music as a motivational tool in aerobic versus anaerobic performance, and how it is enhanced through music. Many studies have mixed results due to failure to control the environment. Self-selection of music, versus using pre=selected music, or music that is categorized as motivational have also produced mixed results. This review provides insight into the specific fitness adaptations acquired by selectively utilizing endurance, resistance, or combination training. By reviewing numerous studies, this review demonstrates that the greatest response to music as a motivational aid is found with aerobic or endurance training, while resistance training and anaerobic training need further investigation. As indicated by these results, music as a motivational tool has the greatest impact on cardiovascular exercise, while resistance training and anaerobic exercise have not been analyzed as often. Submaximal versus maximal performance as well as exercise at moderate intensity versus high intensity have all produced mixed finding. Problems with current research and recommendation for future studies are given. Key Words: Motivation, Exercise, Performance, Anaerobic

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