Plasticizing additives for water mineral dispersions on the basis of oxyphenol oligomers

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Softeners on the basis of oxyphenol oligomers were studied; they were used by monomers for synthesis and plasticizing. The study of colloidal and chemical properties of construction dispersions with oxyphenol oligomer was also conducted. The data on rheological, sedimentation and electrokinetic properties of cement and model systems were obtained. The comparative assessment of plasticizing additives on the basis of single--double--and triatomic phenols with a known plasticizing additive of S-3 is given. It is shown that the supersofteners studied are effective from the point of view of their plasticizing ability. The limit dynamic tension of shift falls practically to zero, plastic viscosity considerably decreases. The peptization of the units and increase in aggregate stability of suspensions were observed. The most effective modifiers on plasticizing activity are the modifiers on the basis of oxyphenol furfural oligomers in comparison with plasticizing additives on the basis of oxyphenol formaldehyde oligomer electrolytes. It was proved that supersoftener on the basis of floorglucine and furfural oligomer diluted and stabilized mineral dispersions more effectively than a plasticizing additive based on resorcine and furfural oligomer; that can be explained by the quantity of oxygroups in aromatic links of oligomer molecules. Keywords: Aggregate stability, rheological properties, plasticizing ability, modifiers, supersofteners, colloidal and chemical properties of suspensions, oxyphenol oligomer.

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