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Author: John Hickner
Date: May 2015
From: Journal of Family Practice(Vol. 64, Issue 5)
Publisher: Jobson Medical Information LLC
Document Type: Editorial
Length: 455 words
Lexile Measure: 1420L

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The results of the 2015 National Residency Match Program were announced on March 20. For family medicine, the glass was either half empty or half full, depending on your point of view.

On the plus side, 84 more family medicine positions were offered compared to 2014 (3216 vs 3132) and 60 more positions were filled, for a total of 3060 new family medicine residents in 2015. (1) This was far more than matched in gloomy 2009, when only 2555 residents chose family medicine. On the negative side of the balance sheet, there will be 233 fewer family medicine residents this year than matched at the peak of medical student interest in family medicine...

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