On the possible new brain wave 100 MHz and microtubule quantum vibrations

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Date: Sept. 2015
Document Type: Report
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There has been interest in dark matter having "warm" properties for a significant amount of time. Interest in the dark matter increased in proposed solutions to the "missing satellites" problem of the Local Group of galaxies A single-particle sterile neutrino v addition to the standard model of particle physics provides a minimalist extension that can be produced as a particle in negligible (standard) lepton number cosmologies through non resonant collision-dominated production via neutrino oscillations in the early Universe. The new sterile neutrino with mass 7 keV decays according to the formula v [right arrow] 2[gamma], where [gamma] are the photons with energy 3.5 keV. In this paper according to our model presented in paper. We calculate the rescaled energy of the photons emitted by analog of the sterile neutrino decays in brain. The calculated energy is of the order of the [10.sup.-7] eV much higher than the energy of the [alpha], [beta], [gamma], [theta] photons. The new wave, with new name [psi]--wave have frequency 100 MHz. In the pper we argue that the result of measurement by Anirban Bandyopadhyay confirmed our theoretical model calculation for the new [psi] wave with frequency 100 MHz. Key Words: consciousness, new brain wave, 100 MHz DOI Number: 10.14704/nq.2015.13.3.790

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