Report on the 24th International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning Research and Development (ICCBR-2016)

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Date: Winter 2017
From: AI Magazine(Vol. 38, Issue 4)
Publisher: American Association for Artificial Intelligence
Document Type: Conference news
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The 24th International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning Research and Development (ICCBR-2016) was held October 31 to November 2, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, colocated with the Fourth International Conference on Design and Creativity. ICCBR is the premier, annual meeting of the CBR community and the leading international conference on this topic. This report summarizes the conference.


Case-based reasoning (CBR) addresses new problems by remembering and adapting solutions previously used to solve similar problems. CBR favors incremental learning from experience and acquisition of expertise rather than exhaustive extraction of domain knowledge. Research on CBR appears to be gaining momentum because of several reasons: new application domains, a closer alliance with research on analogy and creativity, hybrid approaches for the different CBR processes, a renewed interest on textual and conversational systems, management of big case bases, and explanation, transparency, and trust of the reasoning results based on the underlying examples.

The origins of the Conference on Case-Based Reasoning date from the first European workshop on CBR (EWCBR) held in Kaiserslauterh, Germany, in 1993. Since then many European and international conferences on CBR have been held in different parts of the world. The European conference on CBR (ECCBR) and the International Conference on CBR (ICCBR) were held in alternating years. The European Conference...

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