Fenomeni fonetici e morfo-sintattici del dialetto campano di Pagani

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Author: Giuseppe Vitolo
Date: Annual 2017
Publisher: Firenze University Press
Document Type: Article
Length: 9,298 words
Lexile Measure: 1820L

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This research entails an investigation into the dialectal reality of Pagani, that is, a small town located in Campania (Italy). In particular, the results of this linguistic fieldwork will be set out to test the phonetic and morphosyntactic features of the dialectal variety of Pagani. Another aim will be the analysis of the evolution of dialectal speech through the generations. Through the analysis of a speech corpus, a series of phonetic and morphosyntactic elements that appear to be the most significant will be presented, particularly in order to reveal forms of contamination by the neighbouring Vesuvian dialectal area, but also the speech affinities with the dialectal varieties of the linguistic area of the province of Salerno. Keywords: Campanian Dialects, Field Linguistic, Morphosyntactic Features, Phonetic Features

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