Super Blood Moon: 2019 To Set Off With Satellite Phenomenon

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Author: Elijah Vega
Date: Jan. 6, 2019
From: UWIRE Text
Publisher: ULOOP Inc.
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Byline: Elijah Vega

Those devices cannot adjust for the light exposure and distance produced by the super blood wolf moon.

The partial solar eclipse will start at 2.34am Doha time, peak at 4.41am and end at 6.49am.

The new year kicks off with an impressive bang, and no, we don't mean fireworks. January 20, the moon will also be relatively close to the Earth while it's full, which has recently become known as a Supermoon. During the event, Brian Murphy from the Holcomb Observatory & Planetarium said that the stars will also become brighter and more visible. Sky & Telescope predicts people will see 20% of the sun covered from Beijing, 30% from Tokyo and 37%...

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