Antiallergical Effect of New Combined Nazal Aerodisperse System in the Conditions of Experimental Allergic Rhinitis

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From: Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal(Vol. 12, Issue 1)
Publisher: Oriental Scientific Publishing Company
Document Type: Article
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To assess the severity of the anti-allergic effect of the combined nasal spray in the conditions of experimental allergic rhinitis. The experiment was performed on Balb / c male mice, which reproduced ovalbumin-induced allergic rhinitis. The test-spray composition of fexofenadine hydrochloride + ammonium glycyrrhizinate in doses of 2.5 [micro]g; 5 [micro]g and 7.5 [micro]g / nostril and compartion drugs: beclomethasone ( , IVAX Pharmaceuticals) and levocabastine ( , Johnson & Johnson) in doses of 3.5 [micro]g / nostril and 5 [micro]g / nostril respectively, were administered intranasally after 14-day immunization of animals. On the 17th day of the experiment, the severity of nasal symptoms (sneezing and nasal grooming), the change in the concentration of histamine, IFN-[alpha], IL-6, IgE, and TNF-[alpha] and markers of oxidative stress (superoxide dismutase activity and concentration of malonic dialdehyde) were determined. The use of levocabastine and beclomethasone contributed to the reduction of allergic symptoms, with the most pronounced pharmacological effect observed with the administration of beclomethasone. The administration of the 5 [micro]g of test-spray reduced nasal symptoms in mice and also contributed to a decrease in the concentration of histamine, IFN-[alpha], IL-6, IgE, and TNF-[alpha], as well as the restoration of pro / antioxidant balance. At the same time, the test aerodisperse system at a dose of 5 [micro]g was comparable to beclomethasone and exceeded levocabastine in terms of pharmacological action. The high effectiveness of the test-spray, comparable to itranasal glucocorticoids, makes this compound a promising drug corrector of allergic rhinitis. Keywords: Allergic rhinitis, Antiallergic drugs, fexofenadine.

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