Hyperinsulinemia and Central Adiposity

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Date: July 2000
From: Diabetes Care(Vol. 23, Issue 7)
Publisher: American Diabetes Association
Document Type: Article
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Influence of chronic insulin therapy in type 1 diabetes

Obesity is well known to be associated with insulin resistance and consequential hyperinsulinemia [1,2]. Moreover, further worsening of insulin resistance and greater degree of hyperinsulinemia are noted to be present in obese subjects with central fat distribution, as assessed by waist-to-hip ratio measurements [greater than]0.9 in men and [greater than]0.84 in women [1-3]. The data in the literature suggest that central obesity may be responsible for hyperinsulinemia via the induction of insulin resistance [1-3]. However, it is also conceivable that hyperinsulinemia itself may be responsible for central fat deposition, because insulin is known to inhibit lipolysis and facilitate lipogenesis. Therefore, to examine this hypothesis of the role of insulin in causing central fat deposition, we studied subjects with type 1 diabetes who have been receiving insulin exogenously for the management of their disease for several years.

The height, body weight, and waist and hip measurements were determined in 100 randomly chosen men with type 1 diabetes attending the Diabetes Clinic at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona, during a 12-month period from July 1995 to June 1996. Their ages ranged between 22 and 70 years, and their duration of diabetes ranged between 2 and 37 years. The diagnosis of type 1 diabetes was established by documentation of several episodes of diabetic ketoacidosis during each subject's diabetes duration. All of the patients had received insulin throughout the duration of their diabetes since diagnosis, also confirming the presence of type 1 diabetes. There were 100 healthy nonobese male employees of the medical center who...

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