Beyond Homophobia: Centring LGBTQ Experiences in the Anglophone Caribbean.

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Author: Keon West
Date: March-June 2020
From: Social and Economic Studies(Vol. 69, Issue 1-2)
Publisher: University of the West Indies, Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies
Document Type: Article
Length: 975 words
Lexile Measure: 1330L

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Moji Anderson and Erin C. MacLeod, editors. Beyond Homophobia: Centring LGBTQ Experiences in the Anglophone Caribbean. Kingston: University of the West Indies Press. 268 pages.

This volume grabbed my attention from the first two words: Beyond Homophobia. It suggested a much-needed discussion that was richer and fuller than what so many of us have come to expect. Flipping through the author list I saw noted figures who had already made names for themselves in academia, literature, poetry, photography, activism and research, both in the Caribbean and in the wider international scene: names like Thomas Glave, Kei Miller, Colin Robinson and Carla Moore (among others). Proverbs about judging books by their cover notwithstanding (and after all, what are covers for, if not to give us an impression of the book?), this one was off to a promising start.

Fortunately, it did not disappoint. I have been publishing research in this area for over a decade and have worked closely with prominent Caribbean activists during that time. I can confidently say that, whatever your prior level of familiarity or expertise, this volume has new knowledge to offer, new questions about your practice, and chapters that you will want to cite in your next paper or book. I strongly recommend getting a copy now.

Every well-worn avenue is reconsidered and presented anew. Explicitly LGBT-positive religious practices are highlighted. Dancehall--viewed around the world as the ultimate anti-gay musical form--is explored as a queered space where complex gender...

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