Histomorphological Examination of Skin Wound Healing Under the Effect of Avocado Oil in Wistar Rats.

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From: Acta Veterinaria Eurasia(Vol. 47, Issue 3)
Publisher: AVES
Document Type: Article
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Given the presence of most fatty acids and proven anti-inflammatory properties in avocado oil, the present study tried to examine its effect on the skin wound healing process in rats. A total of 30 rats with the same weight range were randomly divided into three groups, including control, treatment with avocado oil, and treatment with phenytoin after anesthesia, and a full-thickness skin wound with an area of 4 cm was created on their backs. Wound healing was examined histologically and the wound area was examined during the 3rd, 7th, and 14th days. Based on the results of the present study, a significant relationship was observed between the group treated with avocado oil and the group treated with phenytoin in terms of wound area in rats (p Keywords: Avocado, phenytoin, rat, skin wound healing

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