The Anti-Aging Exercise

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Author: Irene Alleger
Date: August-September 2002
Publisher: The Townsend Letter Group
Document Type: Book review
Length: 704 words

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by Susan Winter Ward

New World Library, 14 Pamaron Way, Novato, California 94949 USA; 800-972-6657

2002, softcover, $14.95 US/$24 CAN, 145 pp.

Yoga for the Young at Heart

Yoga is no longer the province of New Age seekers and esoteric lifestyles; yoga can now be found in almost any spa, health club, or community center. In many of the televised exercise programs, modified yoga postures are commonly used. More athletes are now using "stretching" exercise along with more aerobic programs. Yoga may well be Americans' latest fad.

There is much more to this 4000 year-old discipline, however, than "exercise" as we usually think of it. It is a form of exercise for the body (asanas or postures), for the mind (focussing/imagery), and for the spirit (pranayama or breathing/meditation). When all three parts of Hatha Yoga work together in unison, as oxen are "yoked," it is said, there is a synergism that happens. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Nothing could be more holistic!

Yoga for the Young at Heart is specifically written for...

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