New world ordered: fantasy writer Robin Hobb, in the UK for WorldCon, talks to Alison Bone

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Author: Alison Bone
Date: Aug. 5, 2005
From: The Bookseller(Issue 5190)
Publisher: Bookseller Media Limited
Document Type: Interview
Length: 769 words

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Voyager author Robin Hobb is over in the UK this week for science fiction convention WorldCon, conveniently timed to fall shortly after publication of her new epic fantasy, Shaman's Crossing, the first book in the Soldier Son trilogy.

Four thousand science fiction fans gathered en masse in Glasgow is an overwhelming prospect for a solitary writer, she says, but she does appear to be looking forward to it, if with a little trepidation.

"I've never been to a WorldCon in the UK before, but one of the most interesting things about fantasy fandom is that it is very similar throughout the world. For the most part these are people who read prolifically, and who are very excited about knowledge in general."

Hobb's new series sees her departing from the Six Duchies world where she has set her nine previous fantasy tomes, and moving into a new one, Gernia, which is peopled by noble soldiers, subjugated desert dwellers and the dapple-skinned, forest-dwelling Specks.

"It's both a wrench and a relief moving into a new world," she says. "There's regret in saying goodbye to characters I've been with for years, but the excitement of...

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