Jazzman Terence Blanchard brings swing to 'Bud, Not Buddy'

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Date: Jan. 12, 2017
Publisher: The Washington Post
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Byline: Nelson Pressley

For Grammy Award-winning trumpeter Terence Blanchard, composing a jazz concert based on the children's novel "Bud, Not Buddy" meant more than just telling Christopher Paul Curtis's colorful Depression-era tale in musical terms. It meant writing serious music that high school kids could perform.

"I'm not trying to give them a free ride," Blanchard said by phone recently from Cleveland, where he was on tour. "I want them to have to gear up to perform this. But at the same time, it should be fun for them to play."

Students won't be performing the score when "Bud, Not Buddy" makes its debut this weekend in the Kennedy Center's Eisenhower Theater. That's the longer-life goal for this project. But Blanchard did get to test-drive his material with student musicians in England during a workshop as he wrote.

"They got up for it," he says.

Blanchard won't be playing, either, with the dozen...

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