Research with Children: Context, Power, and Representation

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Date: Apr. 2019
From: The Qualitative Report(Vol. 24, Issue 4)
Publisher: Nova Southeastern University, Inc.
Document Type: Report
Length: 5,323 words
Lexile Measure: 1400L

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In this article, we examine methodological issues qualitative researchers encounter when they engage in research with children. Within this view, qualitative research is employed with children but not on children and focus is placed upon children's voices, agency, and the ways they participate with researchers in the research process (Einarsdottir, 2007). Our discussion draws upon a study we conducted with four- and five-year-old children on the preschool playground. We reflect upon methodological issues pertaining to researching with children; issues of context, power, and representation. Keywords: Research with Children, Power, Representation, Photo Elicitation, Mosaic Approach

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