Impact of Magnet Hospital Characteristics on Nurses' Perceptions of Trust Burnout Quality of Care, And Work Satisfaction

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From: Nursing Economics(Vol. 19, Issue 5)
Publisher: Jannetti Publications, Inc.
Document Type: Article
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The amount and frequency of change affecting the health care industry makes management of a work environment particularly challenging for nursing leaders Numerous studies are discussed that explore the influence of organization behavior and issues of staff perception on measurable outcomes such as nurse retention and patient satisfaction. The authors surveyed staff nurses using instruments that assess their perceptions of (a) autonomy, control, and physician relationships; (b) faith and confidence in peers and managers; (c) emotional exhaustion; (d) job satisfaction; and (e) the quality of patient care. The findings suggest that perceived autonomy, control, and physician relationships influence the trust, job satisfaction, and perceived quality of patient care. Professional practice models may provide a means to achieve positive staff perceptions of autonomy and control while managing the realities of flattening organizational structures.

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