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Author: Nabil Alghalith
Date: Winter 2018
Publisher: International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines
Document Type: Abstract
Length: 6,916 words
Lexile Measure: 1300L

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The goal of this paper is to develop a case study that involves a thorough analysis of the strategic and operational impact of the implementation of IT at Tesla. The paper examines the following aspects of Tesla: (1) History and background, (2) Organization structure, (3) Business' model, (4) Business and competitive environment, (5) Information technology architecture, (6) Ecommerce systems, (7) Information Technology deployment and assessment, and (8) Conclusion and lessons learned. SWOT, strategic matrix, and the competitive forces models are used to assess the impacts of IT implementation on the corporate competitiveness, organization structure, decision making, systems integration, streamlining and automation of operations, and control. Keywords: IT architecture, IT deployment and assessment, e-commerce, business model, corporate culture, SWOT analysis, 4-E model

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