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Date: Oct. 19, 2018
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Born: Fitchburg, Massachusetts, United States
Nationality: American
Occupation: Theatrical director
Updated:Oct. 19, 2018

Born in Fitchburg, MA; daughter of William J. (a business manager) and Joan P. (a retail manager; maiden name, Kelly) Mulcahy. Education: Brandeis University, B.A. (theater arts, with honors), and certification in women's studies; seminar study at Harvard University for personal enrichment. Studied dramatic writing with Edward Albee. Avocational Interests: Music, cinema, politics. Addresses: Contact: c/o Author Mail, Allworth Press/Skyhorse Publishing, Inc., 307 West 36th Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10018. E-mail:


Author of eight best-selling theater books, including number one best-selling Amazon release on multiple lists. Award-winning nationally/internationally established health journalist. Off-Broadway director, playwright, and producer. Also a professional actress, theater teacher, and singer for stage productions and commercials.



  • Co-writer (with Jay Kerness and Robin M. Chamberlain) and stage director) Renegade Sluts on Bikes, produced Off-Broadway in New York, NY, 1994-1996. Also produced at US regional theatres.
  • Building the Successful Theater Company, Allworth Press (New York, NY), 2002.
  • Bye, Bye Boredom!, (Scholastic, Inc.), 2003.
  • Theater Festivals: Best Worldwide Venues For New Works, Allworth Press (New York, NY), 2005.
  • The Actors' Other Career Book: Using Your Chops to Survive and Thrive, Allworth Press (New York, NY), 2006.
  • Building the Successful Theater Company, Second Edition, Allworth Press (New York, NY), 2011.
  • An Actor's Guide: Your First Year In Hollywood, Fourth Edition (With Michael St. Nicholas), Allworth Press/Skyhorse Publishing (New York, NY), 2014.
  • A Life in Acting, Allworth Press/Skyhorse Publising (New York, NY), 2014.
  • An Actor's Guide: Your First Year In Hollywood, Fourth Edition (With Michael St. Nicholas), Allworth Press/Skyhorse Publishing (New York, NY), 2015.
  • Building The Successful Theater Company, Third Edition, Allworth Press/Skyhorse Publishing (New York, NY), 2016.
  • The Essentials of Theater, Allworth Press/Skyhorse Publishing (New York, NY), 2018.

Journalism: publications contributed to include Redbook, Los Angeles Times, Glamour, Glamour UK and many of its additional international editions, Parade, Marie Claire, Elle, Parade, Cosmopolitan/Cosmpolitan UK,, Health, Spry Living Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Woman's Day, Family Circle, Seventeen, Stage Directions,the Chicago Tribune, the Seattle Times, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Mercury News,and the Providence Journal, in addition to many other magazines, newspapers and websites. Contributor to publishing companies including the Hearst Corporation and Conde Nast Publications.

Business writing: contributor to MultiBriefs (MultiView, Inc), corporate articles for health/business. Syndicated column, Trivia I.Q., Accuweather, 2000-2006.

Film writing: author of numerous screenplays including Nerves (optioned in Paramount Pictures development deal).


Health book for mass market; novel for mass market; additional theater books.



Lisa Mulcahy told CA: "In terms of my focus as a writer, I work from both sides of my brain. The academic part of me loves researching and writing a complex, scientifically-based health piece. And then, the artistic part of me relishes the chance to write about theater, and to come up with new creative fictional works. I write in such diverse media and genres--from educational book authorship, to absurd stage comedy of my stage musical Renegade Sluts on Bikes, to editorial work. Yet no matter what the project is, my primary goal is to make everything I write clear, lively and enlightening, in every way. I want my work to always be helpful, to answer unspoken questions, to show my readers a new way to think about things that matter to them.

"Who inspires me as a writer? It's a very diverse list. I've learned a tremendous amount from Steve Martin, J.D. Salinger, Bob Woodward and Cameron Crowe, for instance. I'm also privileged to interview the best doctors in the world, in all specialties of medicine, who author ground-breaking research that is incredibly important and educational. The one common denominator the minds I like to plumb as a reader have in common is courage, I think. There's a daring, a selflessness, and a desire to illuminate and make things better that writers I admire always bring to the table. I strive to take these kinds of risks in my own work, and to bring that fearless perspective to the biggest number of readers possible.

"My writing process is anything but set in stone. I think of myself as a chameleon. I morph my style into whatever form, tone, and voice a particular project calls for. I advise every writer: always let the project be your guide. Don't shackle yourself to preconceived notions like 'I must write a minimum of three drafts of this short story.' Never nail your own feet to the floor. Follow your gut. You'll feel it from your head to your toes when a piece you've written truly resonates."

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