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  • Title Advertisements and Notices
  • Publication Title Public Advertiser
  • Collection 17th and 18th Century Burney Collection
  • Date Wednesday,  Oct. 18, 1769
  • Issue Number 10907
  • Place of Publication London, England
  • Language English
  • Document Type Advertisement
  • Publication Section Advertising
  • Source Library British Library
WARUR Y LAN.E. NOT ACTED THIS SEASON. -11y Wm MAJESTYs Company. ; Tthe Thcatre Royal, D-aux7-LAia, T $ets This Day will be prefented on F"ALSE, DELICACY...Ca Col. Rivers, Mr. HOLLAND where 2eei], Mr. King ; Lord Winwoith, Mr. lleddi; Sir Ten I :arry Newburg, Mr. Palmer; Sidney, Mr. Ca thtt.. -Ly Lad bton. MnW. AVIGTOW GTicki ?.,M ach tt Mn. Baddeley; Mi. RiersnA MAs. himai JI-li. Harley, Mrs. BAtRY. To, which will be adtd atr.e Fiekbth Day) a now, Entertainnient, in TWo Prft,, ef Singing, Dancing, neUd and Dialogue. called ned. : TheX J UB I L _E E- Han, The principal Charsater by - befo: ' N-M. fINe, Mr. MOODY,. ilhr.f Parfa', Mi. &ckmin, Mr. Huffs Mr.Wheerr, Wed Mr. C;ale Mr. Watdron, Mt. W. Palmer, - jl.Weigiwt. Mr.. Keen, Mr. Clough, Mn -anttry, Ms-.5r MdEfnkt Mr. Booth, Mr. T. Burton,. -t T ?; I ~ ~ Mafer Cape, :A :: nel - MA . 8sd~ ta nd tJ' rs. Lore,.: formt - -The Vocal arta by; s Mar *VERNON, Mr.` Diidin, Mr. -Bannifter, Mr. tote . Clitpnel, Mr. Fawcett, Mr;- Ktaf c. S Sing bit RADLEr, and. Mht. ,7 JJEY. fion - The Dancei by ' - '1 f o SleurDagueville, Mrs. King, Signsof'rI.Vidini, fichi : Mi Rogel, c. .! ' turd L-rwbichwilibe itnroduee N -ike G E A W T. as it walintendc& foz Phil .The Muli y Mr ; S S-vW SCENES, DRESSES, dI CORATIONS. ma Bis-es 5g. Pit ja. - irf Pall. s BPer as. -ar Places for the BoII to ,be;iadef Ir. Johnfton at :Ga - ae Stage-Door. D i I --N -o MdneySobe tsked'V *6 up 2Jor zy Menq *etg& *er,., !urtni dru~a ulp.' Vor aay~ Money retaWA t The D~ooms e opeqit Fie o'Clock. - - To begin eaa-lj at Sit., TaritRc Al Regina. *t -To morrowhby D &efllJL i Tie WRONG. ma : COVENEARtDE.N. Ito .s TtheTheatreR' ..l CvawrGA Utr, BNA Thir Day w;ll be p d4 *c -' : -The -OR P HI A N,. si Caffialin, Mr. SMITR; as oPolydor, Mr. WAiOUGHTON D EN; h _Chamont, Mr. BEWSLlY; C (Sldng their fir&} Appearance in thofe Charnaers) Ja Aaft, Mr..- Gibion; Chaplain, Mr. Bell; Sris, G., Mars. Du-Bellamy ; Florell, Mrs. Pitt; Wia -MeniniLby aYOUNG GENTLEWOMAN, PC (Whb never appeared -on any Stage) PC 7a of the Play, The MEkRY SAILORS, - by Mr. Aldridge, ft.. - To which wiiJ be addsd fr :The OX0ONIANjin TlOWN. : Carelefs, -Mr. WOODWARD - Knowell, Mr. BENSLEY ; aoLOk,?k. D9u-Belamy ;- Mac Shuffle, Mr. Barrint- ton; Shark, Mr. Perry ; -Lucy, Mrs. MATTOCAS. C Borea ,. Pit 3%. Firft Gall. si. Upper Gall. is. b No Pncfon; to be admitted behind the Stcnes any, snor I Moncy returned after the Curtain is drawn up, E Plaes foi the.Bosc to be hoad (only) of Mr. Sat- - Ja rne. at the Stagep Door. a The Doota -to be opened at Five.-E To begin ezalyit Sir. aV~ant Ratz dc-Regina. a PLAYS and FARCES printed for T. Beeket and Co. in the Strand. - ; T s HE SCHOOL for RAKES, a Co.- . mcdy, as. 6d. n, Zingis, a Tragedy, is. 6d. g. The Fatal Difcovery, i Tragedy, is. 6d. Tom aones, a comic Opera, is. 6d. - - The Clandcftine Marriage, a Comedy, is. 6d. A. The Englifh Merchant, a Comedy, rs. 6d. 7. The Country Girl, a Comedy, is. 6d; -,S. Cymon, a Dramatic Romance, is. 6d. g. The Wrdow'd Wife, a Comedy, -is. 6d. ao. Polly Honeycomb, a Farce, JS. "I x. The Mufical Lady, a Farce, Is. sz. The Deuce is in Him, a Farce, Is. a 3. Wifs Laft Stake, aFarce, 15. 114. A Peep-behind the Curtain, a Farce, Zs. xS. The PlainDealer, a Comedy, is. 6d. x6. The Maid of the Mill, a comic Opera, as. 6d. 17. Love in a Village, a comic Opera, is. 6d. iS. Thomas and Sally, a Mufical Entertainment, is. rg. Daphne and Amintor, ditto, is. zo The CunningMan, ditto, is. AUME D E' V I E. By the KING's Patent, PT% HE mnof general and efficacious Me. J.r dicineInt, p aticulailyin the folloewingCafe; -l Bilious Complaints so Remedy fo certain, for it immediately correma and carries off the offending Mattre . It ii indeed peculiarly adapted to every Difor. der of the Stomach and Bowels Its attenuating and fearching Powers account afo for ies great Suecefa in Rheumatic, Gouty, and Scorbutic Habits: Women in particular. axe indebted to this Medicine, for the ab- folutc Relief it affords in ihat delicate Period wherein their Lives are molt endangered, *nd in other Cafes where Nature deviates with the lt. We alfo con- fidently add, thattihe bantic, invigorating Powers of this Ba1fam, have given it the hi~heft Credit in im- jaireaCenflitutionis, in the Decline of Age and in Agucs, even when the Bark hasfailed. E This adimirable Family Medicine is fiod by Appoint. nment of the Psoprietots by W. Nicoll in St. Paul's Church-.ard; T. Becket in the Strand ; R. Davis in Piccadilly; T. Durham at Charing Cref; Richardfon and Co. atthe FRoyal Erchange; and W. Flexney in Holbom; at 3s. the Bottle, with jood Allowance for charitable Ufes to fell again. On n ow. r, Vpill hA tpubeiasd Price as. 6d. fewed, The Second Edition, with large Additions, of L I 0; or a Difcourfe on TASTE. C 0 MAddrefred to a Young Lady. By 3. U. Printed Jbr T. Davies, in AiVITll-ftrecet, Covent- Garden. - lH A Y- M ARKT. Toe` King a mat *et. - ; he M 1k RESS.CRAWFORD and1Co. beg Leave f toVX tnqueftthe Nability, Gentry, and Sdbifcn-~ MIa Scrs, to the enfuing Sean of OPERAS, that. they- wifl 'pleac to pay their Subteription. to Mei. Drim- rmcnd and Co. Bankers, as-Charing Crots ; or to Mr.' t CriafoTd, at his Houtic adjoining to the id Theatr r where Atrendanct will bc givca 6evryMorning froa Ten tillTwo. : r Mc. Cvr roid roAt humbly dcfires thewobility New Geatry,' he. Snbferihcrs to the Boites, or - for - Silver, Tirketig wDIl honoeur him withi their Namei to cnalb T him to et their Tickets ready bdefre the Operas bejiar MILE END ASSEMBLY. Mar PTHE Subbcribersa 1hre de1red to take-Nct- Cuft ju tice, That the Aflcmbly wil open on Wed- T 'nerdiy the lit of November next, and that the old 'Gall Subicribers do pay their Subfc'iption Money into the Hands of Mrs. Mawfen, at the Affcmbly Hwsflb, ar before the faid Day, otihrwiftetheywiU be excluded. - g2 A- Commktee of the Subficriberi meet every Wednefday Evening at Six o'Clock. - H j*.JfR. BARTHELEMON begs Leave to - . M lvl inform his Friends, that the Houfe wherein - he lived being properly repaired, he is rimod to his j former Lodgings, Mr. Howel's Silk Merccr,. j S Marybone-ftreet, Golden-fquare, where hcpurpof to teach the Violin Viol de Gambia Italian andlililh F Singing, every Monday, Wednefaay, and Friday, the frtomEight in thc Morning till Two in the A neon: and Mrs. Bartbeemonwi teads the Ha- - fichord and Singing, Tuefdays, Thurfdays, and Sa. I turdays, the famefHours. N.8. Mr. Barthelemon intends. to carry on the i Philharmonic Concert next Winter for. twedvcNight., J at the Thatched Houfe Tavern,.St.James's-frcet. . ing Subtcriptions for Ladies two Guineas, and CGentle- Pal men three Guineas. Subicriptions ate taken at Mr. Barthelemon's and at Welckers Mufick Shop, in Gerrard Street, Soho. Sb- . TimelyNotice will begiven of theey. th ~ Yt S4t.E :1S fold &ita ME S;. PETO, at Number. 6, Sherborn-Lane, re n ' moved fior his late original Warchoufc oiPOfite to the' Back Gate of the Genea Polft fice;.twoDoors higher ml in the faid Lane, anld any Oyfiers tent from my late fl Warehotifi will not come from me; But to prevent Isupolitons. fqr the future, all Oyfters fent fro my t Warethoure, will bemarked J.PETO on the Siriz of the- BARREL. Whereas I have for ftarsen Years ferved the ti Nobility, Gentry, and othets, in all Parts ofitbe King- et doam, with Oyfter, and have had the great-Pleafire of 15t giving Satsfiftion under the Nnmc of Oyflcticus; but* as another Peraon ulc thitName, wich occafions great -1 Miftakes and Complaint,, I now beg the Favour of mi a Cautomers to direi their Order to me by my rea Name n jases Peto, at Number 6, Sherborn- Lane, where Gentlenen and Ladics may depend upon being ferved with tholseft green Native Colehefter Oyffera at Is. Id. per Barel; and' exceeding fine PyfleetOyfleis at 4s. 3d. per Bartel. By their moll obedient humble Servant, 'JAMESPETO. l ga" Freh Mondays, Wednefdays and Fridias,. neat from tba-he s. IUel no Oyfterpacled astBllingtgfate M ;yName overtheDoor. .T . B N _ A i s a - -a - A . houfcs, under and near the Royal ExchaniE'S oontnued to be fold ARRACK, a: c14. or 6d. jlr Gallon Advance on the India Company's Sale. The . befit flavoured TAMAICA RUM asad CONIAC. or BRANDY, of great Age and Strength,-(Pried ac- cardingly.) Alfo old,. ftrong Proof, and fine Flavour r- RUM by -the Puncheon, at Sr. rp. fnmaller QO atitides at 9s. BRANDY in any Quantity at is. per Gallon. One Gallon or upwards delivered in or near Town, Car- riage free. Samples of Ruinand Brandy are Aerted at as. Ed. and as. gd. Arrack at .-s. 6d. per QuLart, at his Counting Houic, Number 2, in the Inner Sweeting's Alley, and Orders received for the Dlivery of Rum d and Brandy, from his Bonded Warehoufes, or on the Cuftom-houfe Quay, at the lowell Profit poffible. The O- very heft Red and White Ports, Mountain -And Lisbon. Wholefale, or at iSs .per Dosen, andx a. 6d. theflottle belt Maderia it xl. t6s. per Dozen. For pre'ent Money only. Bottles, '&e. to be paid for, which fliall be al- lowed when returned. Dired to Charles Wenman, Royal Exchange. D IAMONDS, Jewels, Pearls. Whereas many Pcrfons, for Want oftinowing the pro. peref& Place to apply to, are expotcd'to great Inconve neniendu, particularly that of buying at Prices greatly' -bqyond -wht fueh Jewels might be had for, did they know where to come at them; the Public',are hereby intorvned, theymay haveteady.made in Diamond, Eart Rin gs, E1ilavages, Nofegays, Zgreti; Sultans,' Croes Pins, Bracelets. Loofe IDiamonds, -Brilliants, Rote,, Pearls, &c. are bought, fold, indl xchanged,.with the Arifteft Honour, by TOHN SAGNIERL and Co. at the; Diamond Croab next Door to Mr. Drummond's, Cha' ring-tfns. . - - - As the abovc Artidle are abtolutely from the Firli kand Purchafer will mnect with very uncommon Advantagcs pbefides the Variety of the Choice, "which cannot be equalled in any Shops in England; iand to remove AC. every Doubt In Refpea of thePrinciplea upon whIch Ites' this Commerce i here carried on, Mr. Sagmier, who is ri wilt' nown, having been dhtablilbed in this Branch. in- ding London, for upwards of thirty Years, engages to take. ifor. back whatever Deall be bought'of him, at a very mo- and derate DeduaLion, not exceeding Five perCent. is many * in Articles. - nin g2' Jewels fit in the gentecleft. Tafe, and at the b- loweRl Prices; alfo feveral Itecond-hand Jewel to be rtin dilfedof, and lett out,'on leaving the Value. 'afes con- rs of THE STO M A CH P ILLS are Ad' in * .T calculated for eiving immediate RELIEF to fuch au feel themfeblves opprefied with Wind, or who have oxnt-~ 'their Stomachs difordered by lndigcffion, Suipence, or a.t's Aaxiety, and alMo to thofe who arte tubceR to ConRfipa- is in tion or the Bilious Cholic. Thefe, and a Thoufond rdfon other Complaints daily connefted with them, being i chiefly ocealGoned by the Want of a juft Proportion -of ey Juices in the Stomach, to fipply that Deficiency is the direet Objeat of the Stomach Yills, n they - Arc com.- pounded in the realPinciplis of Phyic, and attReed by- the daily Experience of Multitudcs- fo they have this particular Recommendation, that if after gitiag them a fair Trial. any one fiould 'ot find the pro=ied Its- of fief, th Money will be reftored on receiving backtha iTE. figned Paper In which they weree originally wrapped t Let their Merit alone therefore fecure their Succes. They are prepared and told at is. 6d. per Box, with vent- figned Paperof Direions, by Mr. Speedinara, at'the. Pin Apl ovskchaudul-Beeit iaY the Stwnd.- To thc flighI lHon. the Prefldent, the Right. Hon. and Hon.the Vice Prefidents, and other Members of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manu. fadtures, and Commerce. Mty Lords and Gendemen, . :.riE Farour of your.Votes and Intereff - s forthe Offic of Secretsry to your Society in 'tho room of tim late Dr. TMPEAi acfl requeftcd, by -MI'LEMAN, is ; arnuftly - your moft obqtient humble Servant, JOHN S L:EWART.' New Sfrfolk-dtreet, Sept. 25. -1E rER CLARK, removed from Ralph'9 P say, to his Houfe No. *2, in Crofs-Lane, St Jary ill, hsts Leave to'acqurint his Friends and Cuflumers, tI he continues to &1ll the ve y beft Jsnti:ca Rum, Coniac Brandy, Holland's Geneva, and Orange-Shrub in any Q~antity nor lte than two Ix ibe Pri s,- ind Jpiedi/ quill b publied, ; ' - Elegantlyprinted in Quprto, jambelihid with Dcfigis by emin.ent Artifis, and a Head-totche Author, in the Manrer Qf Rambrant, .y ,yWorlidge. -A new £dition being the Fourth, of . ;PITLESPhuiofophiical anrd Moral, &c. p ? - wEt - --Addto. LORElIZO. ' y Mr. K ENR ICKR. - Priseted for Met!. Fletcher and Co. floolzteidlers, at the Oxfo'rd Theatre, in St. Paurs Church-Yard. A Where may likewi be had, AReview of Dr.J01tnion's Shakefpesre, 3s. Falftaff's Wedding, a Comedy, is. 6d. The Wide'~ved Wire, a Comedy, as. 6d. Poems, humnourous, *atirical,- and moral, .s. An Epiltle to James Bofwvell, Efig; on. his prefent lag the moral Writings of Dr. Samuel Johnfion, to Pafical Paoli, General oF 5he Corficans, IS. 6d. -By the fame Author. {,, The Sub~cribers to Mr. Kenrick's Edition of Shskcfipnsre may be aflur'd the two firft Volumes of that Work, are in sreat Forwardnefis, and will forn rmake their Appearance in Public. '~~~~~~~~~~&. ;-M R.-- R E I D, .Sulrgeon, at Clefes, continhes to inScult. Perfons in his Apart- ments. which are haydfome and combe odiou, with FGnl.t AccomrWoddiionsg for Tmed, Five, or Thde Gtunear, or at their own Coufed, at a Pricec proy tionabei ro the Dirsance an Attendance required . H faving aequit ed hialfelf witha Surce6 *and Saijsfc- - to to a great Nuambes -f hel Nbliq,. Gsntry, and ethers, who have em~ployed him, be hopei for a Con- tinmtne of the ppiblie FavouDr, and the Rocomn'en para*f thofci Gentleen of the Faculty, wnho have tIpproved of bts Phln and Method. Psztihelar may be katwn of Mr. Rcid, in Pall. sr e Haymarket, cr. in Publiife Row R. - ,- . I ,Sren tCer a Aa 0 C -