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  • Title Shakespeare's Birthday At Stratford
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  • Date Friday,  Apr. 24, 1942
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SHAKESPEARE'S BIRTHDAY AT STRATFORD " A BRIEF MOMENT OF SANITY " Erngland, thc Empire, and their allies paid homage to Shakespeare's birthday at Stiatfordon-Avon yesterday. Their flags aloie, with the cross of St. George, beside the Union Jack, instead of the eithiems of cvery country and State, were ulifurled in the streets. The Czecho-Slovakian forcc's band played their music and led thc pr'ocession of' Pilgrims to Shakespearc's burial place, and the oniy public speech of the day wvas made in thlc Paish Chlurcih by Squadiron Leader W. Walter. a former actor with thi Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, before thc Plilgrims plalced their flowers on the poet's tomib. " We come." he said. " out of thc redr mist of war for this brief moment of sanity by your qjuiet resting place." Marn. he declared, was his wvitness at last. and( in the day of quest his dream of conquest vas turninig into a nightmarc of uiniversal cairnalge. The air itself was filled xvith. pestilential propaganda. Shakespear-c's thoughts. which hadl been ci-clinig the globe for three good centtirics, were a message oif a detinite kind. They had becomc a bit of rhe common stuff of mankind out of the general intelligence of man and a hasis for eventual unlderstanidinig and peace between man.