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  • Title San Diego Panama-California Exposition
  • Author Panama-California Exposition (1915: San Diego, Calif.)
  • Imprint San Diego: Published by I. L. Eno, 1914
  • Collection World's Fairs titles in the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Library
  • Pages 62
  • Language English
  • Document Type Monograph
  • Physical Description 1 online resource [1] p., [63] p. of plates: 63 col. ill.; 14 x 21 cm.
  • Source Library Cooper-Hewitt National Design Library
■■■ι ■ ■ ■■^1915 SAN DIEGO 1915 'RANAMA- CALIFORNIA EXPOSITION SOUVENIR BOOK. *** ^9~^ "*2 71S ^j^ Щ if? M • »; ĺ SAN DIEGO с^ГрГГд EXPOSITION. High on a flower-decked mesa overlooking the mighty Pacific and looking back across fertile valleys to the snow-capped peaks of California and Mexico, eighteen miles away, stands San Diego's Exposition Beautiful. Differing widely from the San Francisco fair, that at San Diego is a triumphant display of what man can do by utilizing to fullest advantage the wonderworks of Nature in southern California. No other section of the country is so blessed with winters which are balmy and summers which are cool— with twelve months of the year offering uninterrupted June. And nowhere else could such feats be performed as have marked the erection of the magic Spanish city of mission and cathedral and palace, where twentieth century bustle is forgotten and the seeker after beauty finds himself transported to the romance and grandeur of the Spain of three centuries ago. The quiet patios within the cloistered walls where mission bells hang, vibrate to the hum of guitar and mandolin, to the click of castanei, to the song of Caballero, to the tramp of Conquistadore and the measured tread of the procession of Padres. The broad Plaza where the pigeons swoop is the scene of the dances of Aragon and the fiestas of Spanish America and the ceremonials of the ancient red men. The pergolas on the edge of the deep canyon command a view out across the Harbor of the Sun, past Fort Rosecrans, to the broad waters over which came Cabrillo, the discoverer, in 1542, reaching the port where was to be started the first white settlement on the Pacific coast of what is now United States territory, the same port which is the first port of call north of the Panama canal—San Diego. The rare old traditions of the Spanish days vitalize the whole Exposition which celebrates the opening of the canal, from "New Year's to New Year's, throughout 1915." t J) All pictures copyrighted by Panama-California Exposition. Published by I. L. Eno, 958 5th St., San Diego, Cal. General View of the Exposition Grounds from the Arizona Cactus Garden just North of Cabrillo Bridge. A % West Entrance to Exposition Grounds, showing sculptural detail of Gate and California Dome and Tower in the background. ť håb The Court in front of the Botanical Building, one of the many beauty spots on the grounds. RIES AT RI JG CENTER. VAR ONOMY BDILDrf ГА EXPOSITiON. 4490. ΒΟΤΑΝΙ "HH >? sınırı The Botanical Building, from the Arches showing the Varied Industries at the right and the Home Economy at the left. ^1л View of Prado side of the Varied Industries Building. General View of the Prado from the West Gate, Science and Education Building at the left, Arts and Crafts at the right. к*>^\ v_--*F* ТЪ ¡»I , » M liWÍ-""" " PRB FTS THROUGH LOWER PERGOLA. PANAMA-CALIFORNIA EXPOSITION. SAN DIEGO. CAL. 1915. Arts and Crafts Tower as viewed through the Lower Pergola. *<- tilli II I "'' ''""Ä* 1ПР \ Lily Pond, between Main Entrance to the Botanical Building. i t Kern and Tulare Counties Building, as seen from Music Pavilion Plaza. Ill Mita 1 l w —ľ-,—-. ífeSr™"' ıh И F Rv'- v l'* ι 4488.N FRAY JUNÍPERO SERRA TABL © ON-yARIED INDUSTRIES BUILDING 'ΑΝΑΜΑ -CALIFORNIA EXPOSITION. SAN DlEÇÜ5t$ Father Serra Tablet on West Wall of Varied Industries Building. Dedication Mark. —»—«■» ттттят*** шшшши One of two Main Entrances to Botanical Building, showing Vases. bà View West from Plaza de Panama, showing West Gate and California Building in background. ~r- ^. : Г San Juaquin Valley Counties Building, South of the Plaza de Panama. 1 1 щ Foreign and Domestic Arts Building on the Southeast corner of Prado and Plaza de Panama. í J~¿3¿ f f«i ■"b' í 4! J ## California Building, permanent concrete construction. îţ>% Entrance to California Building showing Statuary of the Historical Characters of early San Diego. ý Reflections in Large Lagoon. View looking South from Upper Lagoon. À Hi Bird'seye View of the Exposition East from the California Tower. '.- 3^^. I ийЯе^яийм·- =jLL r vi -ţriir· General View of the Exposition Grounds taken from Roller Coaster. 13 Glimpse of the Formal Gardens through the Square Gateway at the West End. Arts and Crafts Building in background. M я**йав№»· ^^^Rè^ ■m Formal Gardens with Southern California Counties Building in background. 'HS &> f <#ii,llfi. "*A^y INTE CABRILLO THROUGH LOVVER PERGOLA, PANAMA-'ÇALIFORNIA EXPOSITION. SAN DIEGO, CAL. 1915. H Щ Såt, LOVVER PERGOLA, Puente Cabrillo, West Entrance to the Exposition, View from Lower Pergola. вида : fif ) 4472. VIEW IN BOTANICAL BUILDING. PANAMA-CALIFORNIA EXPOSITION. SAN DIEGO. CAL, -*/&- View of Pool in Botanical Building Hot House. South Side of Ethnological Building, showing California Towers in background. 1 f RaZ*aŞ> Γ г East Entrance to Varied Industries Building, opening off Calle Cristobal. Vrt ^ "^ţ- Ses· V Ethnology and California Buildings from Cabrillo Canyon wmzm^'h **4te»- Looking North over Formal Gardens of Southern California Counties Building. Detail View of Lily Pond in front of Botanical Building. r ж* ^__ 1 1 1 Q The West Porch of the Varied Industries Building, located at the Eastern End of the Botanical Court. r miayßi View West across Southern California Counties Building, showing Varied Industries in background. шя m î Front View of Southern California Counties Building, showing Architectural detail. æ ЖЩ щ$+Ш lil ' J'iİ .¡Ŕ ^ pi' ш ШЕ f. Hi! 'z" : ψ I: fi f' i í · ϊ V- I; я; ш t«< Г*'» ι ¡í*· 1 J »ль - /f 'à í i'L K ■ vr«-A . '- ^ / Interior of Botanical Building showing luxuriant growth of Tropical Verdure. Lily-Pond and Lagoon, seen from the top of the Botanical Building. ^ί* ^■aıeçT"^^ W : ι 4466:ГРЛИК KOUNXÁlN IMİJPATK). AMA.ÇA^IFC^NÎAİ EXPOSITION. SANjDIfîOO. CAL. 1915. View in East Patio of Science and Education Building, showing Faun Fountain. _ L щш ш фщ ^> - j l í mm* 4452. VISTA ACROSS PLAZA DE PANAMA. PANAMA-CALIFORNIA EXPOSITION. SAN DIEGO. CAL. 1915. View West over Plaza de Panama from Foreign and Domestic Arts Building. Reflections of the Home Economy Building in Large Lagoon. ■*#j¡m Kern and Tulare Counties Building, San Juaquin Valley Building at left. San Juaquin Valley Counties Building f Fi' ■ Ι Ы| Ε :·ι ....... ·■■ itimi L^ *5Ι·^3^ Mí >Щ;. View of Botanical Building from South end of Large Lagoon ТРЯГЯР щ Looking West across Large Lagoon, showing Sacramento Valley Building and California Towers in background. Cabrillo Bridge, showing California and Ethnological Buildings from Canyon. Upper Pergola, from South Lawn, showing California Building Towers in background Ml! dai ii -i J ■ τ* ì Building erected by Seven Southern Counties of California. л :\ Prado side of Science and Education Building, showing Home Economy Building in distance. A WTl 1 It Ы Plaza de Panama, side of Arts and Crafts Building, California Towers in background. Ι^^ίϊΙίΑπΓ fi Puente Cabrillo, spanning Cabrillo Canyon and the Main Entrance to the Exposition, λ h *шК »vr Vista along East Side of Varied Industries Building, looking North. í View South over Large Lagoon showing Reflections of Commerce and Industries and Domestic and Foreign Arts Buildings. ■-å Χ n Plaza de Panama Entrance to Science and Education Building. VZ "гЛ- 2Ä^öJi^.:i 4Ä ^ ^*?% i"^ !, *| f «t' uf . . -. East Entrance to Commerce and Industries Building Colonnade к I ť Commerce and Industries Building, from the Northwest Corner. •4 ! ι щ я 111 iií View North over Plaza de Panama from Spreckels Pipe Organ Building. Ή '(■'!ШШ;П: mm: v.' ■Η Upper Pergola and Arts and Crafts Tower from the South Lawn. -=/'--> General View of Exposition from Rose Garden in Balboa Park. L- ft General View of West Entrance from Puente Cabrillo. ì California Building, as seen from the North. ■ Cabrillo Bridge and California Building, from the Lake Shore a f Q 1J»VÍI04T I4t4 Sï Рлм»мл-га