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  • Title [Project Merrimack. Breakdown of events in Washington during the riot following Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination.] Merrimack Activities Log, Officer on Duty. Apr. 4-Apr. 5, 1968. 3 p. Security classification not given. SANITIZED copy. Released date not given
  • Imprint [United States: Central Intelligence Agency, 1968]
  • Collection Declassified Document Reference System
  • Pages 3
  • Language English
  • Document Type Log
  • Source Library Central Intelligence Agency
0' . - MERRIMACK ACTIVITIES LOG DATE AND TIME REMARKS 4 April 1968 2100 hrs. . called and requested that in view of KING's assassination, team be activated! in order to pick up any early warning information. 2115 hrs. Called and requested him to activate team. 2120 hrs. , called and was briefed. .-VP 2130 hrs. called and indicated that team consisting of] dUl I I uactivated. 2135 hrs. WPM advised.. 2140 hrs. called and indicated that request any sign*ficant information which may be developed this date. . to handle with him. 2142 hrs. advised team will rendezvous at 2300 hars for critique if appropriate7. 2145 hrs. indicated that Reverard Abernathy, who was in Memphis, Tennessee, had called his office while c was pre- sent and he apologized to I that he was unable to keep a pre- arranged appoint- ment with him. V=== .. . " V.#".= mq 4 April 1968 2220 hrs. Pera , large crowd gathering at 14th & W Streets NW with police and fire trucks present. No out-break of violence; people just con regating and talking. will cover. f 2225 hrs. . briefed. A. 2230 hrs. I briefed and he requested that contact b and advise him,that the Company had their "antenna upT" and would advice him re any significant developments. 2235 hrs. 4 advised thats" had reported hw& some of the group at 14th and W Streets were now breaking store*windows, yelling and.causing a disturbance. 2245 hrs. confirmed report and further indicated that people were now throwing rocks and taking mannequins from the store windows and depositing them on the streets. Police still in area. 2305 hrs. Per ,' situation deteriorating in the "0. aforementioned area and 2 individuals observed by O carrying TV sets stolen from Sam's Pawn Shop and placing in a car not identified but bearing Mary- land State License plates. Severalt of the individuals in the crowd had indicated that they were going to march downtown to get the "Jew places. "1 Police in the area but not moving in at disturbance scene. 2307 hrs. and 1 . briefed. Requestcd foregoing information re looting, possible ' march, demonstration be passed by O A to =Mahon 41 5 April 1968 0005 hrs. Per W crowd moving up 14th Street to Irving and Parr Road. Looting continuing, crowd bitter and angry and a large number imbibing. Police are not moving in to the 'trouble area but maintaining close watch on the perimeter and not ailowing people to move out of aforecited area. 0015 Ivrs. briefed. 0025 hrs. indicated that crowd has not dis- persed but situation appears to be under control. 0115 hrs. im. reported small fire in area; how- ever, everything under control. People stillmilling around looking for things to pick up or steal. Police still in the area. Per previous instructions, permission given to JW to withdraw covert assets at this time. !oo" Officer on Duty I.I .1. --, -. . aft bio 4P 2 . , . .IIJ