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  • Title The Grammar School Sports
  • Publication Title Dover Express
  • Collection Dover Express
  • Date Friday,  July 21, 1950
  • Issue Number 4799
  • Page Number 3
  • Place of Publication Dover, England
  • Language English
  • Document Type Article
  • Publication Section News
  • Source Library British Library
THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL SPORTS THE COMPLETE LIST OF RESULTS At the Dover County Grammar Boys’ School Sports, held at the School on Wednesday last week— a report of which appeared in our previous issue—many School records were broken. The Senior Championship was won by D. G. Simmonds (32 points), the runner-up. with 22 points, being P. Hearne. C. Clayson wen the Junior Championship, with 28 points, with P. Mockeridge second (21 points). The full events and leading posl tions were:— Throwing the cricket ball (open), —under 14: Clayson, Jones. Mock- eridge (80yds. 2ft. 9ins., record); over 14: Skinner. Gilday, Evans (96yds. 2ft.). High jump.—Age 14-15: Wool- house, Sellars. Ramsden (4ft. 2ins.); age 15-16: Kelly, Piggott, Marge- son (4ft. 6iins.). Long jump.—Open, under 14: Clayson, Mockeridge, Ellis (15rt. 2ins.); aged 14 15: Ramsden. Sel- lars, Flower (14ft. Sins.). Age 15-16: Grieves. Margeson, Burville (14ft. Sins.); open, over 14: Simmonds, Hewitt, Jackson (18ft. S^ins.). 880 yds. (open, over 14); Jackson. Forster, Wright (2mins. Usees., record). 120 yds. hurdles, open.—Simmonds, Hearn. Kelly (15 3-sth secs., record). 80yds.—Age 11-12; Dawkins, Gray, Dedxnan (10 4 sth secs.); age 12-13: Latham, Crush, Maynard (10 1-5 secs.). 100 yds. Age 14-15; Ramsden, Sellars, Johnson (11 secs.); age 15- 16: Grieves, Piggott, Kelly (10 4-sth secs.); open, under 14: Mockeridge, Davies, Imrie (11 3-oth secs.); open, over 14: Simmonds, Hearn. Evans (10 secs., record). Javelin. —Hearn, Jenkins, Skinner 124 ft. 3ins., record). 220yds.—Open, under 14; Mock- eridge, Clayson, Ellis (28 l-sth secs.); age 14-15: Ramsden, Sellars, Pressnell (26 3-sth secs.); age 15-16; Grieves, Piggott, Gilday (26 secs); open, over 14: Simmonds, Hewitt, Evans (23 secs., record). High jump.—Open, under 14; Clayson, Imrie, Davies (4ft. 6ins.); open, over 14: Jenkins, Hearn. Hal- sey (sft. siins., record). Mile.—Jackson, Forster, Avery (4 mins. 52 3-sth secs., record). Discus.—Oarran, Hearn, Norman (120 ft., record). 440yds.—Open, under 14: Clayson, Painter and Ellis tied (Imin. 8 l-sth secs.).; age 14-15; Bamsden, Miller, Sellars fl min. 3 4-sth secs.); age 15-16: Grieves, Piggott, Hadlow (1 min. 1 2-sth secs.); open, over 14: Simmonds, Wright, Jacobs (54 1-sth secs.). Weight. Carran, Heam, Sim- monds (43ft. Sins., record). House relay.—Under 14; Priory, Frith,; age 14-15; Park, Priory; age 15-16: Park, Astor; open; Park, Astor.