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  • Title The Red Strategists Turn Crises on and off to Suit Their Purposes
  • Denomination Christian Identity
  • Publication Title National Forecast Magazine
  • Collection Christian Identity Materials from the Hall-Hoag Collection of Dissenting and Extremist Printed Propaganda
  • Date Dec. 1958
  • Volume 18
  • Issue Number 207
  • Page Number 3
  • Place of Publication Topton, NC, United States
  • Language English
  • Document Type Essay
  • Publication Section News
  • Microfilm Reel # 20
  • Source Library Filmed from the holdings of The Hall-Hoag Collection of Dissenting and Extremist Printed Propaganda, John Hay Library, Brown University
The Red Strategists Turn Crises On and Off To Suit Their Purposes At this writing Khrushchev dangerously flirts with big world conflagration by jabbing at Berlin, in order to pressure the West closer still to the brink of war. Recently, the Red threat was in the Middle East. In our last issue of the FORECAST world attention was centered upon the Formosa Strait, and the importance of Red China and the Far East, now fast building up for the coming showdown. According to the pattern, no sooner does a world crisis die down in one place, than the Reds stir up another, bearing in mind that the fires are far from out wherever they have visited. While they mean to keep the world situation deadlocked and dangerous, they love "summit" conferences which provide propaganda for "Peace "-Communist style. But why do they now pick on Berlin.? (1) They want to force Western recognition of the Co.mmunist East German Government. (2) They are afraid of West Germany's nuclear armament program, fast developing to wreak havoc deep into Red territory, in the first hours of all-out war. (3) Mr. Dulles at his press conference -on November 7, had just gotten through saying: "We are most solemnly committed to hold West Berlin, if need be, by force." While the Western Allies have only two regiments of soldiers in West Berlin, they are not enough to finish a war, but- quite sufficient to start one. In Geneva, the Moscow group fight inspection into Soviet territory for nuclear weapons as unimportant. "Let's talk about that afterwards . . . Trust us." But their awful record of scrapping past agreements is such that "the wayfaring men, though fools, shall not err therein" (Isaiah 35:8). Why sign new agreements with gangsters?