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  • Title No Way out, Ulbricht Warns East Germans
  • Author Special to the Herald Tribune
  • Publication Title New York Herald Tribune (European Edition)
  • Collection New York Herald Tribune (European Edition)
  • Date Saturday-Sunday,  August 19, 1961-August 20, 1961
  • Issue Number 24445
  • Page Number [1]
  • Place of Publication Paris, France
  • Language English
  • Document Type Article
  • Publication Section News
  • Source Library The New York Times Company
No Way Out, Ulbricht Warns East Germans Special to the Herald Tribune BERLIN, Aug. 18.—East German Chief of State Walter Ulbricht told the many divided families of Ger¬ many tonight that there is only one way for them to reunite—by emigrating from West Germany to live under Communist rule in East Germany. He said this is the way things are going to be in Germany for the foreseeable future. It was his verbal companion piece to today’s erection of a wall to complete the sealing off of East Berlin from West Berlin. He spoke over the East German television network in his first ap¬ pearance before the East German population since he cut off their escape route to the West Sunday. Protest Rejected Just before Mr. Ulbricht spoke, the Soviet commandant in Berlin rejected Tuesday’s protests by the three Allied commandants against the East German closing of the border in Berlin. Soviet Col. Andrei I. Solovyev said the ban was the business of the East German regime. “It is completely natural,” the Soviet colonel wrote, “that the German Democratic Republic found it necessary in view of the pro- vocative activity of revenge seekers and militarist circles to take meas¬ ures intended to prevent such ac¬ tivity.” Mr. Ulbricht conceded that the border closure has meant separa¬ tion for many German families. There are millions of Germans on each side of the Iron Curtain with relatives on the other, “We regret it,” he said. He said that “speaking frankly” there was no prospect for East (Continued on Page 2, Col. 4) Ulbricht Warns East Germans m o g (Continued from Page 1) Germans to move to West Germany until the “militarists and mono¬ polists” have been curbed and the Bonn Republic has become a state with a social order acceptable to the Communists. Until then, he said, his govern¬ ment was glad to invite West Ger¬ mans -to rejoin their families by moving to Communist territory. “We will give them generous sub¬ sidies to help them do this,” he said. The offer was made in the know¬ ledge that few West Germans, de¬ spite family ties, will be prepared to take up residence in East Ger¬ many. Mr. Ulbricht said the red flag was planted firmly on Brandenburg Gate and would stay there. Mr. Ulbricht said the successful closing of the 25-mile city bordei showed the whole world that West¬ ern policy on Berlin had failed. “There is no prospect of revers¬ ing our action,” he said. “The Soviet Union and the Ger¬ man Democratic Republic cannot be blackmailed,” he added. The East German Chief of State bragged that his security forces carried out the border operation “quickly, efficiently and exactly.” “We have brought the war danger center in West Berlin under control,” he declared. “We have at the same time showed the leading statesmen in West Germany and the world the true power relation¬ ship in the world.” He expressed the belief that the Communist action would make easier “impending talks on a peace treaty and the solution of the West Berlin problem.” He said the city’s Western Allied commandants had no right to interfere in East Germany’s do¬ mestic affairs.