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  • Title President Kennedy corresponds with Berlin Mayor Willy Brandt regarding Kennedy's visit to Berlin and Soviet Premier Khrushchev's 7/2/63 speech containing some linkage between a partial test ban and a possible NATO-Warsaw Pact nonaggression arrangement
  • Classification Level Secret
  • Imprint [United States: Department Of State, 1963]
  • Declassified Date February 28, 1994
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  • Collection Declassified Document Reference System
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  • Source Library Department of State
TELEC;RAPH BRANCH WORK COPY E!%'7l2T3 Sw, 3.4 RnT IWFO: Amembassy BOM~ ROUTINE ?lease deliver following letter from President to Brandt at earliest convenience., BEGIX T7M: Dear M4ayor Brandt: I want to thank you for all your assistance an kindnesses to me and msy party in connection wiith my recent visit to your city. I knew, of cotirse, tLat the Berlin2ers" welcome would be worm and entikusiastic. But tbe depti. of feeling ti-ey displayed was truly unezpected. This feeling was evident not only to us w14 were present, but aliso to those who followed tLe proceedings by newspapers radio and television. If we se value for Gerinan-Arican friendsLip in this visit to Berlin, we should not fail to note Low equally important to that friendw.Lp was the Berlinerst warm and affectionate response as it was reflected tLrough the nedia* As you knows I as sending Governor Harriman to Moscow. BlTF: FECash/GWPenberthy/hn 7-9-63 EUR - Richard H.* Davis S/S White Hlouse - Corrections mode on original green MUST be mode on this and other FORM 5.DS-322 flimsy work copies before delivery to Telegraph Branch 1020-5-0 FORM DS-322A TELF""JRAPH BRANCH WORK COPY 2 ussm SZULI Wile there he Will cwdutawhrohe glration of just "hat it is that Khrushchev. had in ndW when he made bis speech of July 2 contain- ing som linkage between a partial test ban an" a possible M1ATO-Wxsaw PaCt roaresion a1wrang-ito 7his ca as a complete surprise to us. It seM to sothat this speech is of possibly considerable aignficance, related as it was in tims to both the SinoSviet talks and the Uarrizan-flailshxan missiono Wie haw.*, of course, for som tinie been seeking to obtain a comprhensve nuclear test ban treaty with adequate inspection. I believe, however,, that even a partial ban muld be of great Importance to the West becaus it could be the start of the halting of bati. the arm race and the furnker spread of nuclear weapons.S, this latter connection I have the Chinese particularly in mind. It may be that in this connection both we and the Soviets now share a cmw interest. ..We reco&mize fully the difficulties involved in a possible non- aggression aWgen.be could not agree.'to anything that would harm tLe Interests of any of our Allies, prictlsrly the Gemn.it might* however,, be possible to work out something wititin the "arln-Cezmmny contezt that would be advantageo-us and would give greater secbrty. to Vast Berlin, Goex-rear ftzrimn will ezplore this matter wvitbout cnot-w sot ",/vee what the possibilities aee and we will tha consult all Corrections made on original green MUST be made on this and other flimsy work copies before de.livery to Telegraph Branch FORM OS-322A TELF01RAPH BRANCH WORK COPY" 3 us= BIE= concerned awd together reach a decision as to how wo should proceed. Sincerely, John F. CAnnedy UD TMM GP-- Corrections made on original green M." ST be made on this and other flimsy work copies before delivery to Telegraph Branch