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  • Title Mr. Khrushchev's AIM
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  • Date Monday,  Dec. 1, 1958
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MR. KHRUSHCHEV'S AIM A SUMMMIT MEETING? FROM OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT IMOSCOW, Nov. 30 Some diplomatists here see in the sixmonth period of grace provided for in the Soviet proposals for Berlin an indication that the Communist leaders recognize the unitv and determination of the western Powers to hold their sectors of Berlin. It is suggested that what Mlr. Khrushchev would like to see is a fourPower conference. This might be a meeting limited to the Berlin question, or it might be Mr. Khrushchev's longsought summit meeting on a wider range of topics. The warning that Russia will not negotiate on the German question after the end of the six-month period has, in the words of a diplomatist of a non-committed nation, lit a time-fuse which mav force such a meeting. In the event of a conference on a wider range of topics than Berlin, the Russians could be expected to seek to induce the west to make concessions on, sav. recognizing the statius qzuo of Communist r6gimes in eastern Europe. KEY ASPECT If your opponent in an argument suddenly introduces an extraneous issue, before you realize what is happening you may find that the old issue has been lost sight of and that you are arguing a new one. That is a kev aspect of Soviet tactics. The old issue in this case has been whether or not the Russians have any right to change the four-Power status of Berlin: the new issue mav become whether or not it shall become a ' free " and " neutral " citv. Mlr. Khrushchev has chosen his terms well, but it remains to be seen xvhether he has chosen an issue which will serve only to consolidate the west. Some aspects of the Soviet proposals may be clarified at the meeting of the Supreme Soviet due to begin on December 22. Foreign policy reports arc commonly given on these occasions. Moscow, Nov. 30-Mr. Khrushchev who attended an Albanian Embassv reception here last night, was quoted as saying: '-We want a peaceful solution. We should like to discuss things around a round table. We should like to drink toasts again with our wartime allies. But if at the end of six months there is no start with negotiations then we shall put into effect the measures we have outlined."-Reuier.