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  • Date Tuesday,  Nov. 19, 1946
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FDR By Churchill b B F t M f y \fR. Winston Churchill, 1TJ. broadcasting last night in support of the Franklin Roosevelt Memorial Appeal, said: " He was the greatest American friend that Britain ever had, and the most power¬ ful champion of freedom who ever brought help and comfort from the New World." " For more than five years I worked with President Roosevelt In true comrade¬ ship," said Mr. Churchill. " We sent each other nearly 1,000 long telegrams, and so kept that commanding unity of purpose and policy. " In Britain we knew him as a world statesman who was a friend in need and a friend indeed to our country and to the cause of freedom and civilisation. " The bearing of the British nation in that time of stress when we were all alone brought from him and vast numbers of l)is countrymen th« warmest sentiments to¬ wards our people. " While the United States was nominally neutral, he advised an extraordinary measure of assistance called Lend-Lease, which will stand forth as the most unselfish financial act of any country. " He was one of those men about whom one could say that the worse things got the better he would be. " I conceived an admiration for President Roosevelt as statesman, and a man of affairs, and as a war leader. " I felt the utmost confi¬ dence in his upright and in¬ spiring oharacter. There ripened a personal regard and affection for him which wi'l dwell with me as long as 1 live. ".His love of his own coun¬ try, his respect for its Con¬ stitution were manifest to us all. " That generous heart was always stirred to anger and to action by spectacles of ag¬ gression and oppression by strong against weak." For the memorial, said Mr. Churchill, " We are asking for 5s. subscriptions—and I am sure that this plan is what Roosevelt himself would have liked the most. " And if Franklin Roose¬ velt's inspiration lingers there, none will take away any thought whioh does not arouse fearless resistance to tyranny in all its forms and which does not Harmonise with the broadening hopes and higher humanities which may some day reign over all the land and sea." B t a s N