Publication: Hartlepool Mail

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  • Title A Weird and Well-Told Story
  • Publication Title Hartlepool Mail
  • Collection Hartlepool Mail
  • Date Saturday,  July 10, 1897
  • Page Number 7
  • Place of Publication Hartlepool, England
  • Language English
  • Document Type Article
  • Publication Section News
  • Source Library British Library
A Weird and Well-Told Story. The story told in “ Dracula ” is about as weird oud gruesome as any we have over come across. Mr. Brain Stoker speaks as one sure of his ground, and he tells his tale with a fulness and tone be- tokening simple faith. For instance, there is nothing of the romanciet in the young solicitor Jonathan Harker, whose journal, transcribed from the original shorthand (which the vampires could not read) provides the introductory chapera. He visits the gloomy aud almost in- accessible castle of Count Dracula iu a wolf- haunted region of the Carpathian Mountains, and here he "meets with experiences of a blood- curdling character. For up to this time he has had no experiences of the uncanny corpses who are un-dead and actuated with wolfish instincts, if not with wolfish forms. The object of bis visit to the Count is to arrange terms for the purchase of au old tumble-down mauor-house iu England. The Count, however, is a werewolf, or vampire, who disappears iu the daytime, visits his guest of an evening, and keeps him np until the first streak of dawn, aud theu disappears again. Harker finds himself a prisoner in the Castio, with something uncanny abont his host.