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  • Title Soviet Optimism on Ending Blockade
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  • Date Sunday,  May 1, 1949
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SOVIET OPTIMISM ON ENDING BLOCKADE >. .. "Within Three Days": Britain And U.S. Expect Longer Negotiations FOUR-POWER DECISION " ' NECESSARY . A VIEW expressed by a Russian spokesman in Berlin yesterday that the first step's towards lifting the Berlin blockade might be taken "in the next three days " is not shared in Washington and London. Authorities in these capitals pointed out that, although Moscow had apparently agreed in principle /on the ending of the blockade, a good deal of ^ negotiation on details and procedure would be necessary '" , before effect could be "given to the agreement. The Russian statement; reported by Reuter frbm Berlin , was made by Colonel Tulpariov , head of the Soviet Information^ Division, to a conference of editors of Soviet-licensed newspapers . .. According to German reports' , he told the .meeting that the " major problems" of the transport restrictions between .Berlin and Western Germany had now been resolved among the four Great Powers, and it was expected that a meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers would be convened " very soon..^ . Asked about the .incidents, of the past few days * when "Soviet officers attempted to. control barge traffic on Berlin's west-sector waterways, Colonel Tulpanov' was reported to have said: "These . -were merely routine check-ups _. ' . '_ "; ' - and of no consequence. REPORT TO MR. BEVIN Britain & France To Join Talks Mr. Bevin, the Foreign Secretary, "was considering yesterday a report from Sir Alexander Cadogan, perma - nent British delegate .to the United Nations, of Friday evening's ex - . ; changes between Dr. Jessup, United . ' States Ambassador at large , and Mr. ' .Malik, Soviet delegate to 'the United Nations.' Although details of the conversations have not been disclosed, it is believed . that "Mr- Malik has now, with the . back - Ing-of-Mr . Vyshinsky , the Soviet Foreign - Minister, confirmed that ."Russia is pre - ^^ wefternTsfc «^ T>na their^counter-blockade >and agree onla date lor a meeting. ' •• It would appear , however, -that - Mr. Malik has been, disregarding the fact that he has to deal not only with the United States, but with Britain and France . Though he suggested that ^ ne and Dr. Jessup might settle all the details before Britain and France were drawn officially- into -the discussions, Dr. Jessup opposed this view and pro - posed that the drawing up of a time - table should be referred to a Four-Power meeting this week. UNITED GERMANY France May Agree / Jt is expectedin London that, when the /reports of the conversations have.been examined,. the three Western Govern - m ents will send fresh instructions to their representatives- at the United "Nations . There may'then be. discussions In.-New York or Berlin on the technical - ' - problems involved in raising theblockade " and , simultaneously, the restrictions Imposed by the Western Powers on traffic between the Western and Eastern Zones of-Germany . It Was-also reported from Lake Success "yesterday that, according to French sources, France would'probably agree, at the Council of Foreign Ministers, . to favour the merger of the administration of the Soviet Occupation Zone of- Ger - many with the' proposed West German . Government to form a single Federal Government. Britain's attitude is more reserved . She will refuse to consider any Soviet pro - - pbsal designed" to stultify or upset the plans for a West German Government, and she will refuse to- allow the,Councll to be used for further Soviet propaganda attacks on the Western Allies. COUNCIL OF EUROPE Claims Of Greece 'And Turkey A more straightforward task confront - ing - Mr . Bevin this week is the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the five Brussels Treaty Powers with those of Scandinavia,. Italy-and Eire, to be held at St . James's- Palace on Tuesday, to approve a constitution for the Council ofEurope . The draft Statute for the Council has already been- substantively agreed as a result 'of the ' preparatory work of the Western Union Permanent Commission and the Ambassadors of the five other participating Powers, and the major , question which . the ^. Foreign Ministers will have to decide this week is likely to be whether or not to offer membership to Greece and Turkey, both of whom have asked to come in . Greece , m particular, has a strong claim. , fly OUR DIPLOMATIC CORRESPONDENT