Publication: Hull Daily Mail

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  • Title Berlin Blockade 'act of Inhumanity'
  • Publication Title Hull Daily Mail
  • Collection Hull Daily Mail
  • Date Tuesday,  June 29, 1948
  • Issue Number 19534
  • Page Number 4
  • Place of Publication Hull, England
  • Language English
  • Document Type Article
  • Publication Section News
  • Source Library British Library
BERLIN BLOCKADE 'ACT OF INHUMANITY' QEN. Sir Brian Robertson, British Military w Governor in Germany, today described as "an act of ruthless inhumanity unparallelled in the history of the world " the Soviet restrictions on Berlin, which threaten 2,000,000 Germans with starvation. Gen. Robertson made his statement, the strongest British comment yet. to the final plenary- session of the German Zonal Advisory Council, which is being wound up because of the forth- coming establishment of a Government for HULL DAILY MAIL, BRIDLINGTON CARNIVAL QUEEN, 1948 Closing date, July 3. Name (Block letters). Address Age .... Signature I have read and agree to abide by the rules of the contest. HDM Western Germany. The situation in Berlin is grave." Sir Brian said. '* and I use the word grave well know- ing its meaning. It is grave not only for the people of Berlin, grave not only for the people of Germany, it is grave for the people of the world." " The people of the world will condemn unhesitatingly this effort to gain political "advant- age by an attempt to starve a helpless population." he said. Meanwhile United States offi- cials were today reported to be preparing new and tough diplo- matic moves to crack Russia's land blockade of Berlin. White House and State Department officials maintain silence, but in- dications mount that a diplo- matic move aimed directly at the Kremlin might be unleashed tomorrow or on Thursday. STRICT SECRET The nature of any such plan is cloaked in strictest secrecy, but signs point to a stern Note demanding that Russia lift the blockade and abandon other unity-hampering tactics —or take responsibility for the con- sequences. Berlin City Council today prepared an appeal to the United Nations to intervene in the crisis caused by the Russian blockade. Approach is reported to have been made through the chief of thet Danish military mission in Berlin and it is learned that the Danish Cabinet was summoned to a special meeting this after- noon. A fleet of 30 or 40 Skymasters, each capable of carrying a 7-ton cargo, are being flown from the United States to join American and British Dakotas in maintaining a day-and-night service which American officials say can maintain full food rations for the Germans indefinitely. Meanwhile rumours that the American and Russian occupa- tion chiefs might be getting together for direct negotiations cannot be confirmed. HULL FEVER HOSPITALS Dangerously ill: 497, 544, 554, 565. Very poorly: 515, 551. 553, 560. 561. Poorly, but no cause for anxiety: 547. 552, 555, 556, 557. 558. 559. 562. Satisfactory progress: All others. Clothes required: 530. To be discharged tomorrow: 495, 489, 493, 291. 517, 531, 539. 527. 518. 514 501, 502. 490, 513. 470. CITY SIGNINGS Hull City have made two amateur signings—Harold Kirman. centre-half, and Georg» Nash, centre-forward. Both of these young players were with Hull City Juniors last season.