Publication: Hull Daily Mail

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  • Title Berlin Situation Is Deteriorating
  • Publication Title Hull Daily Mail
  • Collection Hull Daily Mail
  • Date Saturday,  Sept. 11, 1948
  • Issue Number 19598
  • Page Number 1
  • Place of Publication Hull, England
  • Language English
  • Document Type Article
  • Publication Section News
  • Source Library British Library
BERLIN SITUATION IS DETERIORATING Soviet Spokesman Says 'Provocation Leading to Preparation for War* WARNING TO WEST WITH the situation in Berlin still rapidly deteriorating, there is no indication when the four.Allied Military Governors will meet again to continue their discussions towards a practical solution of the 79-day Soviet blockade of the capital. Talks are in recess after having reached deadlock. Col. Tulpanov, Soviet Military Government information chief, declared in Berlin today that " Anglo-American provocations " in Berlin and elsewhere were leading to rapid preparations for a new war. Vulpanov said, " Perhaps my words are not diplomatic, but I am no diplomat. The events of the past few days have forced us to simplify the language of politics. " The mighty Soviet Army which smashed the Third Reich will also smash those who are trying to build up a Fourth Reich under the same principles," he stated. Meanwhile, the British- licenced newspaper Telegraf claimed today that the Russians are repatriating to Germany thousands of members of the Paulus-Seydlitz " Free Germany" army and placing them in the police force to support the Communist regime of the Soviet occupation zone. If tiis report is true—and ii is given credence in Allied intelligence quarters—it will give immediate strong-arm support to the unpopular Communist rule in ihe zone, and provide the Communists with a nucleus for an army if tha Wes.ern Allies should accept Russian proposals that all occupying forces withdraw from Germany. The , Telegraf asserted that these " Bolshevist - schooled " soldiers are to be armed with mortars and machineguns and their "police" battalions stationed at strategic points throughout the Russian zone. 5,000 Troops Due One of the points named is Wittenberge. on the Elbe, which is at the borders of the Soviet and British zones. The Telegraf said that a consignment of 5.000 of thftoe trc ins are due to arrive on Monday at the repatriates' reception camp at Fuersten- walde. 30 miles east of Berlin. Preparations are well under way, it added, to equip them with police uniforms and arms. Field-Marshals Friedrich yon Paulus arid Walther yon Seyd- litz were captured at Stalingrad, and after Communist indoctrina- tion, they headed Moscow's war- time " Free Germany Com- mittee." East Protest Eastern sector Berlin police today protested against the dis- turbances at Thursday's anti- Communist demonstration in the British sector of the capital. The Council of Police Officials and Police Employees said in a statement, "The shots fired at the people's police and the stones hurled at them were meant also ,for Berlin workers. They must be regarded as a warning to all to close their ranks against war inciters. "The people's police will not be intimidated by the underworld and by war criminals. They will march side by side with the work- ing classes tomorrow for free- dom, peace and democracy and against war propaganda." This was a reference to the mass counter - demonstration being held in the Soviet sectoi tomorrow. The rally is being organised as a memorial to the victims of Fascism. The British licensed Tele- graf wrote: "There would be sense in it if it were genuine remembrance of all victims of Fascism."