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  • Title Life in Bvlockaded Berlin; a City Facing a Dark and Bitter Winter
  • Publication Title The Illustrated London News
  • Collection Illustrated London News Historical Archive
  • Date Saturday,  Nov. 20, 1948
  • Volume 213
  • Issue Number 5718
  • Page Number 582
  • Place of Publication London, England
  • Language English
  • Document Type Article
  • Publication Section News
  • Source Library Illustrated London News Ltd
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LIFE IN BLOCKADED BERLIN; A CITY FACING A DARK AND BITTER WINTER. c~-'t- - C.- CELEBRATING THE THIRTY-FIRST ANNIVERSARY OF THE 1917 REVOLUTION AT THE RED ARMY MEMORIAL IN BERLIN: RUSSIAN SOLDIERS AT A PARADE INSIDE THE BRITISH SECTOR. . s:y,ýýý5. m .m. I'A' 4"-d PASSING THROUGH THE BRANDENBURGER TOR N ROUTIE FOR THE RUSSIAN WAR MEMORIAL: THE SOVIET COMMEMORLATION PARADE IN BERLIN ON 14KVEMBEIR 7. " WORKING BY CANDLELIGHT IN A BERLIN CANDLE- FACTORY: A SCENE IN A PRIMITIVE WORKSHOP, WHERE THE BERLINER'S MOST PRECIOUS .COMMODITY IS PRODUCED IN QUANTITY. ON SALE IN A BERLIN STORE : A DEVICE WHICH CAN BE PLUGGED INTO THE MAINS AND CONSERVES SUFFICIENT POWER TO PROVIDE A SMALL LIGHT FOR TWENTY-FIVE HOURS. PREPARING FOR THE WINTER AND THE LONG HOURS OF DARKNESS: A BERLIN HOUSEWIFE MAKING HER OWN CANDLES FROM MELTED CANDLE-ENDS AND OTHER ODDMENTS OF FAT. THE FUEL SHORTAGE IN BERLIN : A VIEW OF A PARK SHOWING A ROW OF SEATS WHICH HAVE BEEN STRIPPED OF THEIR WOOD FITTINGS. THE TIGiTENING BLOCKADE: GERMAN BOYS PLAYING AT THE END OF A TRACK LEADING INTO THER U.S. SECTOR WHICH WAS RECENTLY CUT BY THE RUSSIANS. The U.S.S.R. celebrated the thirty-first anniversary of the 1917 revolution on November 7. In Moscow there was a mass parade in the Red Square, where Marshal Timoshenko took the salute as troops of the garrison marched past. In Berlin some 1000 Russian soldiers paraded and, headed by a band, marched through the Branden. burger Tor to the Russian War Memorial in the Tiergarten, just within the British sector, where wreaths were laid and an address was given by a Russian general. Meanwhile, the coming of winter, coupled with electricity cuts, has seen the appearance of old paraffin lamps, acetylene lamps and all means of providing light in the shops and homes of the former Geiman capital. Candles are at a premium and the primitive candle-factories work long hours making and packing them-generally by candlelight I The fuel shortage has, however, stimulated invention, and a Berlin inventor has produced the "Akkulicht," a combined lamp and storage battery which is plugged into the mains supply when the current is on and stores sufficient power to maintain a~ mall light for about twenty-five hours Without recharging.