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  • Title German against German: Berlin Cut in Two as American Troops Arrive
  • Publication Title The Illustrated London News
  • Collection Illustrated London News Historical Archive
  • Date Saturday,  Aug. 26, 1961
  • Volume 239
  • Issue Number 6369
  • Page Number 318-319
  • Place of Publication London, England
  • Language English
  • Document Type Article
  • Publication Section News
  • Source Library Illustrated London News Ltd
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GERMAN AGAINST GERMAN: BERLIN CUIIIN TWO AS AMERICAN TROOPS ARRIVE. I---O · Ps~ 1i I mv3 4% 1. I: , * Ile 3r (LefL) AN AMERICAN IN BERLIN: COLONEL GLOVER JOHNS, COM- MANDER OF THE 1ST BATTLE GROUP OF THE UNITED STATES 8TH DIVISION, WHICH HAD JUST ARRIVED IN WEST BERLIN ON AUGUST 90. (Phdogvrph by Radi.) "* SETTING OUT ALONG THE 11-MILE AUTOBAHN PROM HELMSTEDT TO WEST BERLIN ON AUGUST 80: THE FIRST VEHICLES OF THE 1ST BATTLE GROUP OF THE 8TH UNITED STATES DIVISION AT THE CONTROL POINT. (PhoFogaph by Radio.) "44 ivS A "WHISBTLTOP" VISIT TO BONRI \ TIl U.L VICE.PRUDDT: MR. JO:MSOr WITH DR. ADENAUNR BEFORE HE PFLW ON TO WEST BERLIN. I t 5'' - i 5,i ;.li· .5 5.1~PE (Right.) SHAKING HANDS IN THE EAST: AN EAST GERMAN BORDER GUARD IS GREETED BY HIS COMMANDING OFFICER WHO WAS INSPECTING THE BORDER ON AUG. 18. BUT REFUGEES WERE STILL MANAGING TO CROSS OVER. AND AT THE END OF THE AUTOBAHN FROM THE WEST: TH THE CITY TO REINFORCE THE UNITED STATE U.S. TROOPS BEING CHEERED BY BERLINERS AS THEY ENTER GARRISON OF 1000 MEN. (P haegp 6y Raio.) CUTTING OP G3RMAN RO3 GERMAI: TIHE WALL OF COICRETE BETWEEN EAST AND WEST BERLDI WMICH TUE EAST GERMAN AUTEHOITWS RAVE BEEN PU/TTUG UP. -h ,.** ..-3~ fs AA (Left) AFTER THE CLOSING OF THE BORDER: MEMBERS OF AN EAST GERMAN FACTORY MILITIA PARADE FULLY ARMED BY THE BEARBED WIRE WHICH DIVIDES THE CITY, AND WHICH EAST GERMAN POLICE HAD PLACED THERE. I II pp ý' i T, - - L. -r A WALL THAT TWISTS THROUGH IN MILES OF BERLIN: A YOUNG EAST GEREAN DOING HIS BIT TO CUT THE CITY INTO TWO PARTS. ·.c~~~g ···· -·- * *.-. C i· i r 3 i·:··'·`· FJ (Right) FREEDOM BY WATER: TWO EAST GERMAN YOUTHS WRAPPED IN BLANKETS 1\S THEY WAIT IN THE CROWDED MARIEN- - PELDE RECEPTION CENTRE FOR REFU. GEES, AFTER THEY HAD SWUM A CANAL TO EVADE THE BLOCKADES. :·-; ; ii, -Y- mj, ''1ýL II THE RISING TIDE OF PRO-AMERICAN FEELING IN WEST BERLIN OW AUGUST 20, WHILE IN THE BACKGROUND IS THE SUBJECT OF OUR "UNUSUAL PHOTOGRAPH--NO. 101" PUBLISHED IN OUR ISSUE OF AUGUST 5. (Pfkoltaph by Radio.) " AT A TIME LIKE THIS IT IS GOOD TO KNOW YOU HAVE FRIENDS...": HERR WILLY BRANDT, MAYOR OF WEST BERLIN, GREETING VICE-PRESIDENT LYNDON JOHNSON ON AUGUST 19. On August 19 a huge crowd of West Berliners turned out to hear Vice-President Lyndon Johnson speak outside the western sector's Town Hall. Stating that he had come at the express command of President Kennedy, Mr. Johnson went on, " He wants you to know, and the United States wants you to know, that the pledge he has given on the freedom of West Berlin and the rights of free access to Berlin is firm." Addressing the people of East Berlin, he said, " Do not lose courage, for while tyranny pay seem for a moment to prevail, its days are numbered." On the following 4ay the Vice-President was able to welcome the 1500 U.S. soldiers who had d4iven from West Germany. As these troops arrived, the Berliners staged a huge pro-American demonstration, obviously filled with relief that the Western Towers were showing signs of honouring their pledges. Meanwhile, the Soviet reply to the Western protest about the closing of the frontier in Berlin made it clear that Russia rejected such protests, and gave support to East Germany for "merely using the ordinary rights of a sovereign state to protect her interests." On August 19 the Earl of Home discussed the Berlin crisis with Western Ambassadors in London. In the leading Soviet newspaper, Pramda, it appears that the people of Russia are being encouraged to regard the closing of the border in Berlin as a means of keeping out "spies and slave traders " from the West, rather than as a method of stopping the flood of refugees from the East, of which virtually no mention has been made recently, except in such terms as " The Government organs . .. of the Federal Republic are by deceit, bribery, and blackmail inducing a certain unstable portion of the inhabitants of the G.D.R. to leave for West Germany."