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  • Title Tragedy and Futility in a City Where Great Powers Meet: Berlin—Where Politics Had Built a Wall through Houses and Families
  • Publication Title The Illustrated London News
  • Collection Illustrated London News Historical Archive
  • Date Saturday,  Sept. 9, 1961
  • Volume 239
  • Issue Number 6371
  • Page Number 398-399
  • Place of Publication London, England
  • Language English
  • Document Type Article
  • Publication Section News
  • Source Library Illustrated London News Ltd
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TRAGEDY AND FUTILITY IN A CITY WHERE GREAT POWERS MEET: BERLIN- WHERE POLITICS HAS BUILT A WALL THROUGH HOUSES AND FAMILIES. mam mm mm- q'..m m , AJ -- u i . . A BORDER SCENE WHERE A WREATH WAS LAID BY WEST BERLINERS WIO WERE REFUSED PERMISSION TO ATTEND A RELATIVE'S FUNERAL IN THE EASTERN ZONE. 'V. ri SINCE NO BUSES MAY CROSS THE BORDER, THESE SCANDINAVIAN TOURISTS CARRIED THEIR OWN BAGGAGE TO CATCH AN AIRCRAFT IN THE EASTERN ZONE OF BERLIN. A RUSSIAN TRIUMPH-AND AN EAST GERMAN CELEBRATION: THE SCENE OF A MASS RALLY HELD ON SEPTEMBER 2 TO DO HONOUR TO THE COSMONAUT, MAJOR TITOV. -r - - - q . • - ° WHERE ONCE THOUSANDS FLOCKED IN FROM THE EAST: MARIENFELDE RECEPTION CENTRE FOR REFUGEES. THIS SOLITARY GIRL HAD JUST CHECKED IN. THE EAST GERMAN FLAG FLYING OVER THE BRANDENBURG GATE: ANOTHER RECENT ACT BY THE COMMUNIST AUTHORITIES. WHERB AN EAST GERMAN REFUGEE WAS SHOT BY ONE OF HIS OWN BORDER GUARDS: WEST BERLIN POLICE SEARCH THE TELTOW CANAL. si* REWARD FOR "MURDERER": WEST BERLIN AUTHORITIES PUTTIG UP PLACARD. A REFUGEE HAD BEEN SHOT ( BY AN EAST GERMAN BORDER GUARD. PLACARD. A REFUGEE HAD BEEN SHOT BY AM EAST GERMAN BORDER GUARD. THE POLITICAL WALL: THE BARRIER ERECTED BY THE EAST GERMANS WHICH FINALLY ENDED THE MASS EXODUS OF DISCONTENTED REFUGEES. .a.5 1 " S..r A FRONT DOORSTEP IS FORBIDDEN GROUND: A WOMAN WHOSE HOUSE FACES THE WEST AND IS WALLED UP. SHE BUYS ICE BY BUCKET. ý °' - ." _.t. ý . ...ie " ' . .t. ý i .-m ,.q EVEN THE FIELDS HAVE EYES: WHERE THE BORDER RUNS JUST OUTSIDE THE CrrY THE EAST GERMANS HAVE BUILT WATCHTOWERS. ·-- -'S zr -- . w---- EVEN THE IEWLS HAVE EYES: WHERE 'THE BORDER RUNS JUST OUTSIDE THE CITY THE EAST GERMlANS HAVE BUILT WATCHTOWER~S. .--r DURING FULL-SCALE MILITARY EXERCISES IN THE WESTERN SECTORS: A HEAVY BRITISH TANK PASSES A WEST BERLIN POLICEMAN ON DUTY. SUNDAY LUNCH AL FRESCO: BRITISH TROOPS CARRYING OUT REGULAR BORDER PATROLS RELAX A FEW YARDS FROM EAST BERLIJN. THE RAILWAY TORN UP IN THE EAST: A VIEW TAKEN FROM A U.S. ARMY HELICOPTER SHOWING THE END OF THE AMERICAN SECTOR. The Berlin crisis took a further turn with the Soviet notes on September 2 which reiterated the accusations that the Western powers have been misusing the air corridors to Berlin. The note said that West Berlin had been turned into a " base for sabotage, espionage, speculative and other subversive activities against the German Democratic Republic, the Soviet Union and other socialist states." In spite of these notes the U.S.A. and Great Britain have decided to continue to try and find a basis for negotiations. Two new factors have entered into the crisis which surrounds Berlin; the first is the Soviet Union's explosion of a nuclear weapon and the second is the meeting of neutral leaders in Yugoslavia, many of whom have been pressing for immediate negotiations. Dr. Adenauer said in Bonn on September 2 that he was convinced that negotiations with the Soviet Union would produce a peaceful solution on the Berlin and German problems. However, the French Government has been made all the more re- luctant to join in talks with Russia by the recent nuclear explosion. In Berlin itself there have been reports of further incidents. More escape routes have been blocked. During August 47,433 refugees asked for asylum in West Berlin.