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  • Title Subtlety and Brute Force: Ingenious Means of Escape from East Berlin
  • Publication Title The Illustrated London News
  • Collection Illustrated London News Historical Archive
  • Date Saturday,  Sept. 16, 1961
  • Volume 239
  • Issue Number 6372
  • Page Number 440
  • Place of Publication London, England
  • Language English
  • Document Type Article
  • Publication Section News
  • Source Library Illustrated London News Ltd
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SUBTLETY AND BRUTE FORCE: INGENIOUS MEANS OF ESCAPE FROM EAST BERLIN. A YOUNG EAST GERMAN, WHO DROVE HIS DELIVERY VAN THROUGH THE COMMUNIST BARRIERS AT THE BRANDENBURG GATE, BEING GREETED BY TWO BRITISH SOLDIERS. IF 89-75 A SIX-TON HORCH TRUCK IN WHICH THREE MEN BLASTED A HOLE IN A FOOT-WIDE CONCRETE WALL ON THE EAST-WEST BORDER. THE ATTEMPT SUCCEEDED. TWENTY-YEAR-OLD ERHARD MULLER, WHO FLOATED TO FREEDOM FROM BOLTENHAGEN, AN EAST GERMAN RESORT, ON TWO AIR MATTRESSES, BEING PICKED UP BY A LIFEBOAT FROM THE LINER, NORDLAND. 'ACHTUNB i e -. fl l4 THE BROKEN-DOWN BLOCKS AND BARBED WIRE AFTER THE YOUNG EAST GERMAN HAD DRIVEN THROUGH THEM AT ABOUT 00 M.P.H. ON SEPTEMBER 8. THE 15-FT.-WIDE HOLE AFTER THE HORCH TRUCK HAD GONE THROUGH IT ON SEPT. 10. THE TRUCK ITSELF WAS HARDLY DAMAGED. SIXTY-YEAR-OLD ANNA " K," WHO CLIMBED FROM HER HOUSE WITH ROPES, BEING HELPED FROM THE BORDER. (Radio P.agrapk.) Although the East German Government would seem to have done its utmost to restrain its unwilling subjects from fleeing to the West there are still remarkable stories of people of all ages who have managed to get through. Many of them have shown the same ingenuity as the young East German van driver'in the top picture here who waited for it to rain before he drove through the barbed wire at the Brandenburg gate so that the guards would be delayed in getting their weapons from under their capes. On September 10, three young men crashed through a concrete wall into the western sector with no harm to themselves but leaving a 15-ft. gap in the wall.. On the same day a couple swam the Teltow canal towing a bath-tub containing their small child. On September 6 Herr Brandt said that further action might be expected against West Berlin in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, there have been reports of underground resistance groups in East Germany who call themselves the "August 13 " groups after the date on which the new Communist measures for the sealing-off of West Berlin came into force. They are said to have wrecked a goods-train at Mecklenburg.