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  • Title East Europe Braced for Gorbachev 'The Reformer'
  • Publication Title Financial Times
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  • Date Tuesday,  Mar. 12, 1985
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East Europe braced for Gorbachev 'the reformer' THE LATE Konstantin Cher- nenko will be remembered in East Germany as the Soviet president under whose leader. ship East Berlin was able for the first time to defy Moscow and continue to improve rela. tions with West Germany, writes Leslie Colitt in Berlin. Throughout much of last year Eastern Europe was treated to the spectacle of the Soviet Union ineffectually warning its most important Warsaw Pact ally of the danger of closer economic relations withi West Germany. The remarkable dis- sension between East Berlin and Moscow ended with the restoration of Mr Andrei Gromyko's pre-eminence in formulating Soviet lor'gn policy. Herr Erich Hooeckir, the East German leader was fred by Mr Gromsyko to cancel his planned visit to West Germany. Feelings about Mr Gorbache vary among the East European allies. He is highly spoken of In Hungary because of his image as an economic reformer. East Germany and C(echosa vakla, while welooming Mr Gorbachev effusively, ae more concerned that his enthusaasm for economic reform be misin- terpreted by their own trus. trated managers. Both countries have introduced measures to bring prices more in line with costs and are strselag the importance of net produation