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  • Title 'Pull down Berlin Wall'—Reagan
  • Publication Title Financial Times
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  • Date Saturday,  June 13, 1987
  • Issue Number 30,258
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*ORLD NEWS 'Pull down Berlin Wall' -Reagan President Reagan yesterday challenged Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to demon- strate his commitment to peace by pulling down the Berlin Wall. I Speaking in Berlin, he des- cribed the state of US-Soviet relations as a " moment of hope," but said the Soviet Union had to make fundamental changes or it would become obsolete. His visit was almost over- shadowed by violent clashes between police and youths pro- testing at his presence. Page 2 Nato backs INS deal Nato Foreign Ministers said they would back the US in talks with the Soviet Union to elimi- nate from Europe all inter- mediate-range (500-5,000 km) nuclear missiles. Page 2 Knighthoods announced Deputy Bank of England governor George Blunden and British Airways chief executive Colin Marshall receive knight- hoods in the Queen's Birthday Honours list today. Back Page; full list, Page 4. Princess Anne is to be given the title Princess Royal by the Queen. UDR man shot dead A soldier from the Ulster Defence Regiment, Pte Joseph iellwaine, 20, was shot dead at a golf club near Belfast. The IRA said it was responsible. Police out in Gdansk Polish police put on a show of force in Gdansk, birthplace of Solidarity, for the Pope's visit, during which he met union leader Lech Walesa, Page 2 8 Africa frees 1,000 Up to 1,000 people held under South Africa's emergency regu- lations have been freed in the past two days. Page 2 Spy charges dropped The US Marines dropped charges against Corporal Arnold Bracy, accused over a spying-for-sex scandal at the US embassy in Moscow. Death for Bokassa Former Central African dicta- tor Jean-Bedel Bokassa was sentenced to death in Bangui yor crimes in his 13-year rule. More behind bars Prison population in England ind Wales has topped 50,000 for the first time, the Home Office Jaid. There are 50,086 prisoners and only 41,688 places. 24 die of AIDS ,AIDS caused 24 deaths in Britain last month, bringing the 'death toll to 444, the Health Departiment said. Seoul protest supported jIopular support grew for student demonstrators barri- caded in Seoul's main Catholic cathedral as the (overnment 1hardened its line against the " subversive protest." Page 2 Exodus to Hong Kong Hong Kong reported a sharp rise in the number of illegal immigrants from China this year, triggered by rumours that the colony would announce an amnesty for them. Taiwanese demonstrate Members of Taiwan's Opposi- tion took to the streets for the third day to protest at a pro- posed national security law now before Parliament. Survival in Oslo Norway's minority Labour Governmeint survived a confi- dence vote endorsed by Centre and Right opposition parties.