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  • Title Royal Birth Congratulations
  • Publication Title Evening Telegraph
  • Collection Evening Telegraph
  • Date Monday,  Nov. 15, 1948
  • Page Number 2
  • Place of Publication Dundee, Scotland
  • Language English
  • Document Type Article
  • Publication Section News
  • Source Library British Library
Royal Birth Congratulations (Continued from page 1.) Dundee's message to the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh was;— May it please your Royal Highnesses to receive from me loyal greetings and warm congratulations of the citizens of Dundee on the occasion of the birth of a Royal Prince. —Archibald Powrie, Lord Provost of Dundee. Provost James W. Keith, Carnoustie, sent the following:— The Provost, Magistrates, Councillors and citizens of Carnoustie would ask Your Highnesses to accept their most loyal greet- ings and congratulations on the birth of the Royal Prince to whom they extend their most sincere loyalty and best wishes for a bright and great future. The Provost and Councillors of Kirkcaldy said: —The citizens of the royal burgh of Kirkcaldy join in congratulating Their Royal Highnesses on the birth of their son and in extending to the Royal baby their best wishes for his future health and happi- ness.—James Young, Provost of Kirkcaldy. Brechin Cathedral bells were rung at 8.30 this morning and the electronic chimes of the Gardner Memorial and East Church wore sounded later in the day. Provost Ivinghorn sent a congratulatory telegram on behalf of the burgh. A telegram, signed by Provost Coull, Montrose, read: — The announcement of the birth of a son to Your Royal Highnesses has been received with rejoicing in the royal and ancient burgh of Montrose, the citizens of which join with me in expressing their sincere and loyal congratulations on this most auspicious and happy occasion." Bells in the steeple at Forfar were rung at 10 a.m. and again at one o'clock. The Provost sent this telegram:—The Town Council and people of Forfar present their loyal congratulations on the birth of a Royal Prince and extend to Your Royal Highness every good wish for the future. Signed Albert M. Lowson, Provost. Lord Airlie, as Lord Lieutenant of the county, sent the following:—Will Your Royal Highness please accept the loyal and delighted congratulations of the people of Angus and their sincerest good wishes to you and your son. Lord Prdvost J. Ure Primrose, Perth, sent the following :y-On behalf of the Town Council and citizens of Perth, I humbly express to Your Royal Highnesses our great joy and happiness at the birth of a son. In Dunfermline the Carnegie Memorial chimes were played by Mr James Moodie, master of the song at Dunfermline Abbey. The bells were played from 9.30 to 9.45. Among the melodies were " Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes," which Mr Moodie played on Princess Elizabeth's wedding day. A salute of 21 guns boomed out from Stirling Castle this afternoon. The castle is the regimental headquarters of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, of which Princess Elizabeth is colonel-in-chief. Arbroath church bells rang celebration peals for ten minutes at 1 p.m. to-day. Telegrams of congratulation were sent by Provost Lamb.