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  • Title Soviet Lifts Ban On Food Traffic In Berlin
  • Publication Title Evening Telegraph
  • Collection Evening Telegraph
  • Date Friday,  May 6, 1949
  • Issue Number 22604
  • Page Number 1
  • Place of Publication Dundee, Scotland
  • Language English
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Soviet Lifts Ban On Food Traffic In Berlin Soviet sector police in Berlin to-day announced that west sector Berliners will now be allowed to take back to their own sectors food bought in the Soviet sector. This was the first easing of blockade restrictions reported in the German capital. The announcement, made on the authorisation of the Soviet Zone German Economic Commission, said that from to-day west sector Berliners can export potatoes in unlimited quantities if. purchased at ree shops " in the eastern sector. Other foodstuffs could be taken out in reasonable quantities. Within an hour of the announcement the East sector " free shops " were crowded with Western Berliners buying honey, whipped- creain cakes, frozen vegetables and other goods. One shop manager said:—West-sector Borliners appear afraid that we will run out of food. W<' won't. Our cellars a re stocked right up to the ceiling, the more customers the better. „ . . Near the shops, Soviet sector German police began erec ting huge posters reading- Beat the black-market. m, ATMlir ,f that Mr Ernest Bevm the announcement mai t w_ nt _: P ijr t Skoif iSr»s4rsss««d gratification, he said. West German politicians, spurred on bj or ,2 .K* Ve„ The draft document approv^i by the Constituent Assembly s before mittee in one session yesterday, a full session of the Assembly to- . • Its final adoption may come » - • Even hotly disputed T n ew relations of church and scn°° ® |, rw hclining state were passed b\ majorities in yesterday's session- One reason for the _ committees work was a l>e rjnvein- later denied by the Robertson, ment—that General Sir British military governor, had ! ' West nostponement of the setting-up moetipg German Government pent''"?' of the Council of Foreign Mini- The Western Powers have told ta that they hope the Big /our foreign Ministers' meeting in Paris, due P May 23. will end about June 15. acco«ung to the " New York Times " n pondent. This is a month Western German Federal Governn to be set up. Mr Malik, Soviet representative to the United Nations, wae understood 1 agreed when the proposed time a - put tO him. , •< Koto It is generally believed, said • . York Times," that Russia wul ms " , discussion by the Foreign Ministers 1 of a peace treaty with Germany the unifica- tion of Germany, the w.thdrawel or reduction of occupation forces, a 1 status of the Ruhr.