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  • Title Gorbachov supports abolition of pacts
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  • Date Tuesday,  Apr. 22, 1986
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Gorbachov supports abolition of pacts East Berlin (AP) - Mr Mikhail Gorbachov. the Sovi - et Iqader. said yesterday he would support the "simultaneous" abolition of the Warsaw Pact and Nato military alliances. In a speech to several hundred factory workers in an East Berlin suburb. Mr Gorbachov also reiterated his statement that he was ready to meet President Reagan "so long as the appropriate inter - national atmosphere is created". "We stress our readiness for a simultaneous disbanding of the Warsaw Pact and Nato or. for a start, their military organizations." he told the workers. His comments were carried on East German tele - vision during the afternoon. "We are ready for a Soviet - American meeting so long as the appropriate international atmosphere is created, and real disarmament steps are possible," he said. According to the television report, he did not elaborate on his statement about the disso - lution of the alliances. Mr Gorbachov also .repeat - ed his proposal that conven - tional forces be cut back across Europe "from the At - lantic to-the Urals". WASHINGTON: A White House statement yesterday said the summit was in the best interests of both countries (Mohsin Ali writes). "President Reagan takes the commitment agreed in Gene - va seriously - that is. there will be a summit in Washing - ton in 1986 and Moscow in 1987 - and assumes Mr Gorbachov does too." Berlin ritual , page 6