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  • Title Tear down Berlin Wall says Reagan
  • Author Brodie, Ian
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  • Date Saturday,  June 13, 1987
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Tear down Berlin Wall says Reagan By lan Brodie in Berlin AN elated and relieved ** President Reagan telephoned Mrs Thatcher with congratulations from Tempelhof Airport in Berlin where he had earlier called on Russia to remove the Berlin Wall. "Margaret, congratulations on a magnificent victorv." he said. Comparing her triumph to Lord Liverpool's three consecutive election successes in 1812-27, he said: "I think that's wonderful". "I've just finished speaking to thousands and thousands at the Brandenburg Gate," Mr Reagan told Mrs Thatcher. "The call for Mr Gorbachev to tear down the Wall was well received." He continued: "I was asked many times during your campaign for comment and I was afraid it might not help. But I'm delighted with your victory". At this point. Mrs Nancy Reagan chimed in to say: "Give her my love and congratulations." Mr Reagan dutifully passed on the message. Reagan's call—P6