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  • Title Reagan seeks show of Western solidarity
  • Author Beeston, Richard
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  • Date Tuesday,  Oct. 22, 1985
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Reagan seeks show of Western solidarity By RICHARD BEESTON in Washington y "PRESIDENT REAGAN is '* ,.„,,nt,r,„ «n * " nrecounting on a ' presummit summit" with key allies in New York this week to put on a show of Western solidarity and strengthen his hand for his meeting with Mr Gorbachev next month. His meeting with Mn Thatcher and leaders of Canada, Italy, Japan and West Germany and his address to tie United Nations are described by the White House as the administration's most important opportunitv to stake out the United States position before the summit. It will also mark the start of a United States campaign to wrest the public relations initiative away from Mr Gorbachev. Mr Reagan intends, during a meeting in New York on Thursday, to consult with the allies about his plans for the summit and explain to them what he would like to achieve. He also wants to repair diplomatic damage over the Aohille Lauro affair, and soothe allied fears about just bow far he plans to go in defying Moscow to promote his space defence project. Panic amnnr- illie* ramc among allies Last week the Administration caused some panic among its European allies by suggesting it might sacrifice its antiballistic missile treaty wth Moscow in order to press ahead with development weapons. Urgent personal letters to ttie White House from Mrs Thatcher and Chancellor Kohl of West Germany expressing space dismav about this development, caused Mr Reagan to back down. But United States policy over Mr Reagan's Strategic Defence Initiative at the Geneva summit, and the impression of Administration confusion and division over tbe issue, is expected to dominate tie allied talks in New York. ln his pre-summit talks and his speeci to tie United Nations Mr Beagan wiU emphasise tie point that ie will be dealing with Moscow on a wide range of issues and that there are other concern* besides arms control. United States officials believe tne Russians will try to make tne Geaeva summit an arms controi conference — pushing tne;r proposals for deep cuts in nuclear arsenals and using this to press President Reagan to bargain away his space defence plans. Blrt Mr Reagan win tell his allies that a stable East-West relationship will also have to deal with such issues as human rights and subversion But when President Reagan sjts imm t0 dinner with allied leaders on Thursday in a show of Western solidarity, a noriceably absent guest wilt be President Mitterrand of France, who has turned down the invitation to demonstrate nis independence He offered instead to meet President Reagan in Paris to give nim Us impressions of Mr Gorbachev, who visited France recently, but Mr Reagan, who has no plans to extend his three-day trip to Geneva, has declined.