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  • Title ‘Warsaw Pact Cuts’ Offer by Gorbachev
  • Author Gedye, Robin
  • Publication Title The Daily Telegraph
  • Collection The Daily Telegraph
  • Date Saturday,  Apr. 19, 1986
  • Issue Number 40690
  • Page Number 5
  • Place of Publication London, England
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' WARSAW PACT CUTS' OFFER BY GORBACHEV By ROBIN GEDYE in Eaat Berlin THE SOVIET LEADER. Mr Gorbachev, yesterday proposed substantial cuts in Warsaw Pact and Nato conventional forces, which he said would break years of stalemate at troop reduction talks. He said the reductions would encompass " the whole of Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals." To break new ground at the deadlocked 13-year-long Vienna talks, the Soviet Union would nave t0 offer t0 reduce conventional forces in lne F.uropean or Russian part of the Soviet L'nion. . Hitherto. Soviet negotiators hav:e becn willing to discuss reductions only in East Germany, Poland and r .. .■ • . . Lzeinoslovakia. „ Mr Gorbachev, speaking at the Fast German Communist Party Congress in East Berlin, was .. f■ . European a^,enceK.. acc0rdjng ,0Pone w diplomat. ^ The 2.700 delegates broke into applause as the Soviet leader said: " Never under any circumstances will our country initiate an attack on Western Europe unless we and our allies are attacked first by Nato. I repeat. Never. "The USSR proposes a significant reduction of its land and air forces in Europe together with those of Canada and America. , European package r(lj,eratcd that tactical »« ™ Weapons would be "^^ a( ^ same Hme and (hat on.|he,spot inspections by tnc otner sjdc would be allowed. Mm rts in Fast Ber,in proposals were too gen£™ f ^he dccldc exac„ h h .. ground" he ,, .„,.. P«>P"sed to break. But they said that if Soviet troops and conventional weapons were to be pulled back from Rus^|a |tself \h[i H01||d jndeod constitute a major breakthrough m tne Vienna talks Gorbachev reserve ^™l attack on Britain and f> f ■ { f ,ha, hc|r , miss|iosB shou,d oc ludfd from a Furopean package on missile reductions. He said the Soviet l'nion had agreed to suth a request on condition that France and Britain did not increase the number of then .lies "But now these same governments. which identified the Soviet SS-20s as the greatest danger to Western Europe, sav tnjs js too little. Bntain andi r>A thut thai ;rn,'iTbe"'p evented ('„", rea Jnp the strength of neiri L„, IZnZ g""* I ■r $i9v' T Mr Gorbachev preparing to address the East German Communist party Congress in East Berlin yesterday.