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  • Title Hungary lets 101 reach the West
  • Author Underhill, William Hoffer, Peter
  • Publication Title The Daily Telegraph
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  • Date Friday,  Aug. 25, 1989
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  • Page Number 10
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Hungary lets 101 reach the West By WilUam Underhill in Budapest HUNGARY waived its border controls yesterday to allow 101 East Germans to reach the Wesfw thorriskinrin ille west witnout risKing an me gal crossing. .... The refugees, who had been crowded into the West German t^^coach £SS frontier. But Hungarian officials were at°pain"to m'ake dear that £ "humanitarian gesture" should not be seen as heralding a shift in policy The group was issued only with special travel documents from the International Red Cross, rather than the exit visas which are normally required The move followed the arrival in Budapest on Wednesday of a West German emissary to discuss the refugees' plight. It apparently indicated Hun gary's anxiety to retain Bonn's goodwill, even at the cost of a further decline in relations with its East German ally. The West German Embassy in Budapest was closed earlier this month after the building was swamped by East Germans seeking refuge. Mr Gyula Horn, Hungary's Foreign Minister, said up to 200,000 East Germans were now thought to be visiting the country. "We believe there are more and more of them who don't want to go home," he added. "It is not in our interest that they should come here." Budapest was in continuous contact with both East and West Germany, but a solution to the crisis was only possible if they could reach a bilateral agreement. Meanwhile, Hungary would continue its "policy of humanity" towards the refugees attempting to slip through the newly-created gaps in the country's Western border fence. • Peter Hoffer in Vienna writes: Hungarian border guards cracked down on a group of 140 East Germans who were within sight of the Austrian border in an attempt at a mass break to the West. Austrian Red Cross officials said the East Germans were loaded into trucks and taken inland. The incident occured on Wednesday near the Hungarian border town of Sopron, from where several hundred East Germans have successfully fled to Austria recently. But 250 more East Germans escaped over the border to Austria yesterday. The total so far this month is nearly 4,000