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  • Title West Berlin Triumph for Mr. Kennedy
  • Author Ryder, Vincent Baker, Blake, Daily Telegraph Special Correspondents
  • Publication Title The Daily Telegraph
  • Collection The Daily Telegraph
  • Date Thursday,  June 27, 1963
  • Issue Number 33648
  • Page Number 23
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WEST BERLIN TRIUMPH FOR MR. KENNEDY COMMUNIST WALL 'OFFENCE AGAINST HUMANITY' RH/UR «;*</ HU/RU H4RER, BERLIN, Wednesday. "^RESIDENT KENNEDY triumphed to-day when at least *** 1,250,000 delirious West Berliners gave him the wildest welcome of his political career. A great roar rose from a sea of people before the City Hall when he said, in halting German, " Jch bin ein Berliner " [I am a Beriiner]. The president made his first visit to the Beriin Wall only ^wo days before the arrival in Beriin of Mr. Khruschev. Although they displayed propaganda placards and photographed mm from a distance, the Communists made no attempt to demonstrati h , C demonstrate against his presence. After seeing the waii. Mr. Kennedy said to the Beriiners: "There are some who say in Europe and eisewhere we can work with the Communists. Let them come to Beriin." The wai! was not oniy the " most , . . ----^ **-^-*^ Ovious and vivid demonstration of !he failures of the Communist system," but " an offence against history and against humanity." CHOICE FOR NATIONS Police State anachronisms Later, he toid students of the Free University that " these dogmatic potice stales are an anachronism. ! do beheve in the necessity of the great powers working together to preserve the human race, Otherwise we shall be destroyed." The American shield for the freedom of West Berlin would not be lowered as long as it was Communist *winds of change' ^unt were the rcai.ties of Western strength, of estern commitment, of Germany as a nation and the Germans as a people without regard to artineeded. But they all had to face realities. " ReunHication will some day be a reality but we ail know a poiice state regime has been imposed on the Eastern sector. Peaceful reunification of Berlin and Germany wili not be quick or easy." REALITY OF STRENGTH ficial boundaries of barbed wire. " Those are the realities on which we rely and others would do well to recognise them." Recalling Communist rejection of Marshall aid. President Kennedy said : " it is not too early to think once again in terms of all of Europe. The winds of change are blowing across the iron Curtain as well as in the rest of the world." Even after 18 years' oppression, the people of Eastern Europe were not immune to change. Stalinism was officially recognised as bankrupt: and economic and political dissent was appearing in Poland. Rumania and Russia itself. " Like the division of Germany, the division of Europe is against the tide of history. When the possibilities of reconciliation aprear we in the West will make - it ciear that we are not hostile to any peopie providing they do not interfere with the free choice of others." He emphasised that this process couid be heiped forward oniy by growing unity and strength of the West. " Nor can the West ever me t'cru. eau me cvcf j negotiate a peaceful reunification of Germany from a divided and uncertain base." ROARING RECEPTION Blizzard of confetti The roaring reception began soon after \jr. Kennedy arrived at Tege! Airport, in the French Sector, from Wiesbaden. He had barely left airport when a hizzard of streamers and balloons began. it lasted throughout the 30-m:!e tour. Mr. Kennedy stood in an open car. with Dr. Adenauer and Herr Brandt, the Burgomaster, beside him AH along the route through the French, British and American sectors lines of spectators, from two to 20 deep, jammed the pavements. SMUGGLED FLOWERS Gift from East Beriin Manv threw- flowers before the ^ At a trade union conference. Mr. Kennedy was given flowers smug. gied over the wal! during the night, He said: "When i leave to-night, the United States stays." A few am a Berliner. minutes later he was at the Brandenburg Gate for his first sight of the wall. He was separated from a concrete barrier in front of the gate by only nine Welsh Guardsmen, members of the company guarding the Russian War .Memorial. The view through the gate into East Berlin was blocked by enormous red drapes put up last night. At Checkpoint Charlie, amid a throng of officials. Mr. Kennedy saw for the first tune the spot which has figured so largeiy in major decisions since he took office. .Mr. Kennedy received an ovation lasting five minutes when he arrived in the Ciry Hall Square. He said that 2.000 years ago the proudest boast was " i am a citizen of Rome." To-day it was " i * President Kennedy dii\iiig through a shower of ticker-ta)*- in West Berlin yesterday when lie drove to the City Hall. With him were Dr. Adenauer. West German Chancellor, and Herr Brandt, the Mayor of West Berlin. [Another picture—Back Page.]