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  • Title Armed U.S. Troops Escort Car into East Berlin
  • Publication Title The Daily Telegraph
  • Collection The Daily Telegraph
  • Date Thursday,  Oct. 26, 1961
  • Issue Number 33132
  • Page Number 18
  • Place of Publication London, England
  • Language English
  • Document Type Article
  • Publication Section News
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ARMED U.S. TROOPS ESCORT CAR INTO EAST BERLIN Km 3H<AET ^♦5" AMEPHK •', Three Jeep loads of heavily-armed, steel-helmeted American military police escorting a civilian official into East Berlin yesterday. The incident followed tbe refusal bv officials of the American administration to show identity documents at the Friedrichstrasse checkpoint to East Berlin police. Under four-Power agreements, the East German police have no power to check members of lhe Allied military government. The Jeeps, their occupants with their rifles and bayonets at the ready, returning to West Berlin. In the foreground is part of a zig-zag barrier through which all vehicles have to pass. Tension at the border . . . American tanks standing guard at the Friedrichstrasse checkpoint during yesterday's flare-up. For several hours the whole American garrison of over 5,000 men was placed on alert. A total of 10 tanks and three armoured troop carriers were sent to the border. Right: A heavy American tank, fitted with bulldozing equipment, taking up position on the border. o pas 1 K *4