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  • Title Wall "Will Be Broken Down"
  • Author From Our Own Correspondent Our Paris Correspondent
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  • Date Friday,  June 22, 1962
  • Issue Number 33334
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WALL "WILL BE BROKEN DOWN" .Mr. Rusk, I'nited States Secretary of State, and Herr Brandt, the Mayor of West Berlin, looking over the Berlin wall into the eastern sector of the city vesterdav. Mr. Rusk forecasts Berlin victory FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT BONN. Thursday. ^TR. RUSK, American Secretary of State, indicated in Berlin to-day that talks with Russia on the city's future will continue. He saw the Communist wall and said it " will be broken down eventually." He added: " That is the story of human freedom." Mr. Rusk continued his 10-day European tour by flying on to Bonn where he said he wouid "discuss problems of vital importance to the free world " with Dr. Adenauer. UNITED EUROPE His brief visit to Berlin had been " impressive." But Berlin was not the only problem to be discussed. " This is a period of ferment and discussion in the free world." Mr. Rusk said. " Many dreams which we share are coming within reach." One was the dream of an economically strong, united Europe working together with the L'nited States, within the framework of the Atlantic community. PARIS OPTIMISM Nuclear force recognised OIR Paris Correspoxdent telephoned last night: Mr. Rusk's visit to Paris was described as "agreeable and very useful." The most important thing to emerge from his talks with President de Gaulle and other leaders was the recognition by America of the existence and development of a French nuclear striking force. Mr. Rusk has received no guarantees from the French. But he left Paris optimistic about future Franco-American co-opera tion on nuclear matters.