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  • Title U.S. Will Keep Troops in Germany
  • Author From Our Own Correspondent
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  • Date Friday,  Nov. 1, 1963
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! | T g Vfll I K KFP TROOPS IN GERMANY FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT WASHINGTON, Thursday. ALL American combat troops in West Germany wili be kept there " as long as they are required." President Kennedy said to-day. This meant the six divisions and additional combat troops sent there during the 1961 Berlin crisis. He specifically backed up the pledge given in West Germany at the week-end by Mr. Rusk, Secretary of State, that all combat troops would remain. His statement came after a tussle behind the scenes to which Mr. Kennedy did not refer. Need for confidence The Army wanted to pull back an armoured cavalry regiment sent to Germany in 1961. ,Mr. Kennedy obviously decided that German confidence in America was more important than increasing Army efficiency. Some men used in supply and headquarters units would be withdrawn. But nothing would be done to weaken units' fighting abilityMr. Kennedy also supported Mr. Rusk's complaints thar other NATO Allies had not met their commitments in providing troops for European defence.