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  • Title American 2hr. "Battle Alert" in Berlin
  • Publication Title The Daily Telegraph
  • Collection The Daily Telegraph
  • Date Saturday,  Oct. 28, 1961
  • Issue Number 33134
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  • Place of Publication London, England
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AMERICAN 2hr. "BATTLE ALERT" IN BERLIN TANKS EACH SIDE OF BORDER THE entire American garrison of 6,500 men in West Berlin was put on a " general battle alert" for over two hours yesterday afternoon. Seven Russian, nine American and three British tanks watched the border, in one place only 70 yards apart. At midnight the tanks were still confronting each other at the Friedrichstrasse crossing point. Gen. Clay, President Kennedy's personal representative in Berlin, said the fact the Russian tanks were on the scene proved that the " harassments " on the border were not from that " the self-styled East German Government," but ordered by its Soviet masters." When the battle alert ended American troops were kept at two hours notice. At the 22nd Communist party Congress in Moscow Mr. Khruschev declared that if the West displayed readiness to settle the German problem, the question of deadlines was immaterial. " Don't lose your wits, don't try to test the solidarity of our system," he warned the West. Mr. Thompson, American ambassador in Moscow, protested at the Foreign Office against the East Germans demanding passes from Americans. Picture—P12-, Khruschev Speech— P14; Britain Out of Step and Americans Welcome Russian Tanks—Back Page 8; Russian tanks lined up on the border along the Friedrichstrasse East-West crossing point in Berlin yesterday. They faced American tanks at a distance of only 70 yards. [Another picture—P12.]